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  1. Daniele Rugani

    He is the worst Juve defender I have seen. Legrotagglie/ferrara on 2003-2004 is bad but not as garbage as him now.
  2. Summer Mercato Thread 2020-21

    Chelsea sold Hazard for 100M last year while having a transfer ban. We paid 80M for De Ligt last year without selling anyone too important. Now it is their turn.
  3. CAMPIONI! #38

    We are the best charity organisation. We give Scudetto for the likes of Peluso, Giaccherini, Padoin (no offend to all those hard working players) and now even Sarri =))))))
  4. Cristiano Ronaldo

    I think his miss penalty today is good for us. With 3 goals behind Immobile, he has almost no chance to win the Goalscorer, and can rest in the last two games to focus to the CL.
  5. Juventuz LIVE matches 2019/2020

    Our two winger. The good one is constantly injured and never been match fit. The other one, who is very healthy, is useless as fuck :(
  6. Alex Sandro

    I'm no fan of Sandro right now. But let put in some perspective, he has been constantly played for the past 4 years almost without rest. Sometimes he is rushed back to start after injury just because his backup (De Siglio) has been injured even more often than him. Playing fullback like that...
  7. Juventuz LIVE matches 2019/2020

    fuck that short pass Sarri ball, waste too much counter
  8. Juventuz LIVE matches 2019/2020

    we will blow our lead now :sad:
  9. Summer Mercato Thread 2020-21

    Giovinco will never thrive in modern football. The main problem is not mentality but rather physical aspect. He is too light-weight. I remember his height is 160-165cm and he weights onyl 60kg. He is easily pushed over by any decent defender who has sufficient pace. And he doesn't have enough...
  10. Summer Mercato Thread 2020-21

    We should forget that Sh***y Regista position. It worked for us in the past because we had Pirlo (best Regista ever) and three exceptional, world class B2B to protect him. With regista normally are weak defensive or low stamina/strength/pace players, opponent will be easily to penetrate our...
  11. Juventuz LIVE matches 2019/2020

    Fuck Sarri Ball. Stop try to do this kind of thing near our box. Clear ball if needed please
  12. Juventuz LIVE matches 2019/2020

    How Benta can do when we have I-dont-care Pjanic and useless Matuidi, and unfit Chiello + terrible Sandro
  13. Juventuz LIVE matches 2019/2020

    We are fucking awful.
  14. Juventuz LIVE matches 2019/2020

  15. Summer Mercato Thread 2020-21

    Locatelli in B2B is disaster, he doesn't have technique/vision/passing skill or off the ball movement for B2B role. I think he is more suited to play an anchor DM in front of the defense, like Fabinho/Caseimiro