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  1. [CL] Djurgarden - Juventus

    ****ING GREAT GAAAME, haha all those dif fans went crazy at the minority of juve fans =D damn one of the greatest things ive ever done , at last i saw the great ones :'( *so happy*
  2. Milan- Juventus

    we are still serie a leaders... oh thanks god forza Juventus and last night udinese :D.
  3. Milan- Juventus

    damn i hate zalayeta... give salas a fricking chanse ffs. i dont like salas either but at least more than zala
  4. Uefa CL draw

    we will beat barcelona home and away i think. the total win will be 3-1 to us :). then we will head real madrid... and it will be hard :down: hopefully this is the way it will be. at least i want it 2 be like this. then we will get 4 damn good games to watch :D. FORZA JUVENTUS
  5. Milan- Juventus

    nooo :(. not zalayeta :(. damn trez and his injurys :down:
  6. Milan- Juventus

    someone merge this thread with the other? we are talknig 1 game in 2 threads :(
  7. Milan- Juventus

    ive heard he is ok... it wasnt 2 serious and i is in the squad for the big game =/. not sure what to believe though. this will be a hard game but with some DP power we will beat milan cuz they havnt been doing well the past weeks... :) forza juventus
  8. Juventus Vs Modena

    Forza juventus :D and DP is back in action for the basel game... its good but still kinda sad. Di Vaio have done a good job when Dp was gone... who will now play with dp :( got plenty 2 choose from.
  9. FC Basel - Juventus

    yes... we will take the 3 points from their field. 0-3 i think... sad i will miss this game... i wanted to see it :(
  10. Juventus FC v Internazionale Milan

    HOW LOVELY... both team started the game ok... after the 1-0 goal i felt like WOHOOOOOO :D. but then for about 10 minutes inter dominated or what to call it... at least the put a pressure on juventus but we could hold our lead and even improve it... THANKS TO NEDVED WE ARE SERIE A...
  11. For the gamers in here =)

    it is allready included :p ;)
  12. Juventus FC v Internazionale Milan

    cant wait 2 see this game... hope it will be top quality time from Juventus... i want to see them beat up fricking ugly vieri and his inter.
  13. For the gamers in here =)

    i am a true Championship Manager fan and perhaps there are some of them in here also. So me and my 3 friends decided to make a site+forum for all the Cm fans out there. in right time b4 the latest version (CM4) releases. This place is where u can hangout, talk tactics, players, teams...
  14. Juve - Man Utd preview

    they got their up n downs... i havnt got the time to watch many games from la liga this season. 4th place, their +- statistic isnt 2 well though... +8 they have. comparing to real madrid that have +25, real sociedad that have +13 or valencia that have +23. but still they do well... 10...
  15. Juve - Man Utd preview

    yes... big ones. :(