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Dec 7, 2002
i am a true Championship Manager fan and perhaps there are some of them in here also.

So me and my 3 friends decided to make a site+forum for all the Cm fans out there. in right time b4 the latest version (CM4) releases.
This place is where u can hangout, talk tactics, players, teams, anything related to the game.

Hopefully you like it, the site isnt done to 100% but by end of week it will be done i think.

The board is up and running anyway.

plz have a look and tell me what u think :angel:


Bye people

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Jan 24, 2003
Looks very good. You could get swamped with submissions when CM 4 comes out.

Are you going to have seperate sections for CM 03-04, 04-05, etc?

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