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    WC2006 Qualifier: Italy - Slovenia

    I like Lippi calls young players like De Rossi, Gilardino, Zaccardo, Bonera and Toni they are good players i think they will make the different ....... Bye
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    Cannavaro : Inter Dumped Me !

    Inter only wait for Ronaldo i think like 2 or 3 years...then when he was 100% ok play with brazil in the worldcup win for them and then show the finger to Inter and go to that's was the only case Inter wait and the player go out jajajaja...... Players like Veron, Stankovic...
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    [Seria A] Juventus - Messina

    Messina is playing very good..yesterday they win they are second ....anyway is a small team but very strong....they score a lot so we have to be carefully.... I think DP will be ready but we have to see if he will play like Pinturicchio or like a ghost .... :confused: Good...
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    Fvck, Trez out for 4 months?!

    Zalayeta is a player like yesterday...for play for a moment and score that's it...Zlatan have to get into the italian calcio....we need DP recover soon ... Today i read Capello said if Alex didnt recover in this 2 weeks he will prove Kapo....anyway we will have octuber, november and december...
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    Fvck, Trez out for 4 months?!

    I hope DP come back soon to play but no like a ghost.....he need play like he did if Trezeguet will be out...Alex have to come back soon ...... Only with Zlatan and Zalayeta will not do something...we need more...:down:
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    SERIE A: Juventus - Siena

    Great thank's for put the link is nice see the goals again and again.. The last one of Alex was really great.. Bye Bye
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    LA COPPA: Perugia - Juventus

    21.00 in Italy 16.00 in my country (Venezuela)
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    LA COPPA: Perugia - Juventus

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    Del Piero Goal Statistics

    Anyone now the goals that Alex made until now with Nazionale Italiana?
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    Zambrotta is Man of 2003

    Zambro is always the man of the year for Juve....he is very consistente... like Thuram, Nedved and Buffon.....for me right now they are the 4 big of juve... Buffon Nedved Zambro Thuram..
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    AC Milan vs. Boca Juniors (Intercon. Cup)

    I saw the game...milan just play in the first half , second half and the other times was for Boca with Tevez they improve ....anyway Pirlo and Costacurta made a very bad penalty like a kids...Seedorf send it to the sky... So BOCA Wins :D
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    Stop Defending Dp Form

    Poco più di 25 minuti di gioco, il tempo di entrare in campo al posto di Miccoli, di segnare il gol del 6-0 con il primo pallone toccato e Alessandro Del Piero ha completato alla grande una serata che lo fa entrare ancora di più nella storia della Juventus. Giocando contro l'Olympiacos, il...
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    SERIE A: Juventus - Parma

    I hope Trezeguet not get a big injury...but it's not a problem...with Di Vaio, Alex and Miccolino we are ok i just want see Maresca play titular... No more beanch for Maresca...:fero:
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    CL: Juventus - Olympiakos

    I couldn't see the match... But thank's God Juve 2 win and with that big score... A shame from Trezegol i hope is nothing big :down: Now win again in Seria A...with Parma... Go Juve....
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    SERIE A: Juventus - Udinese

    Poor Alex....a bad day to him in his birthday ... Anyway thank's God now we have others players that can make the stuff is Alex or Nedved didn't make it... Great stuff from Di Vaio...the one who have to be in the bench is Trezeguet we can play with Nedved, Del Piero and Di Vaio...:D...