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How many minutes will he play for jj in 23-24 season?

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Dec 9, 2009
Too much of acting all the time from him. Somebody should give him a lesson about that cause it is pretty obvious he's never been told by former teammates to stop doin that. All in all I am happy he is playing crap football.

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Junkie Joe Joyce
Oct 2, 2013
In his defense put anyone next to Rooney and Fellaini turns you into a Sunday league player
There's no combination of shit players in the world to blame for Pogba failing to make simple passes and holding on to the ball for 5 seconds too long, something he done a lot at Juve but his flaws were covered up very well by the team. And lack of competition of course.

He's amazing on his day, but for him to have his 'day' right now he seems to need the rest of the squad on point, the ideal position and role within the squad, the stars to align and the gods to come down from the heavens and pat him on his back


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Sep 16, 2003
He'll start to perform, he's a great player lol Juve fans of all people should know that, but it was never going to be a 100m worthy performance, and it will never be.
But there is a huge difference between being a player who is valued at 100 Million, and now having to play to the standards worthy of that fee that has now actually been paid for him.


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Apr 14, 2013
Could've been that our team made him perform well. We are one of the top teams in Europe.
Its the setup. Last season in our 352 he had 2 mids behind him and very often atleast one defensive WB. He has a lot of freedom here with Marchisio behind him and Khedira often holding back, hes the one that most of our attacks went through and he even played in the SS area often due to given freedom. he was doing whatever he wanted when receiving the ball, dribble, shoot, long pass etc, had no restrictions as to what to do when getting the ball. basically last seasons 352 was built around getting the most out of him and Dybala offensively and in Manchester hes not given that right now. Give him a holding mid behind him (doesent even have to be a great one, he had WC performances with Nanes behind him, Carrick will do just fine i guess) and remove Rooney, give Pogba the freedom to do what he wants with the ball instead of restricting his play and holding the midfield for Rooney and there you go. Its not rocket science which makes it even more baffling how Mourinho didnt figure it out yet

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