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How many minutes will he play for jj in 23-24 season?

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Jul 12, 2011
Sorry :sad:

Lol no. I just didn't bash him while he was still our player and gave him the benefit of the doubt but he proved to be a money grabbing hoe.

Forza Alcoholic Indio Vidal!
I told u Vidal is life, such shame he loves his bottle too much. My favorite player in the world. :vidal:

He'll still pull through in the end, but I'm gonna enjoy this shit tremendously while it lasts.

This what u sound like coyote



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Aug 29, 2010
I was laughing at Mourinho/Man Utd for playing Pogba in the completely wrong role and wasting him.

Turns out we are doing the same with Pjanic.
Pjanic played mezzala each game with Lemina as the regista untill today when Lemina was rested as , quoting allegri" he played 8-9 games last season and cant get all the pressure so had to be rested"

Please bother watching the games

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