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  • 2012-05-06

    When we were winning always. On the pitch, more than others.
    When we fell down.
    When we didn't even know where we might end up.
    When we came to know and accepted the decision. Then, we were fighting to get up.
    When we took the pitch in Rimini. When the others were celebrating and we were just watching them. When some hoped we would never make it back. When we started to go up again. When we couldn't find the way.
    When we finally found it: winning again.

    This is the celebration of those who cheered the goal scored in B no less than the goal that brought us a Scudetto.

    And the celebration for our opponents, why not, (may be just not all of them), who never lost respect for us.

    It was destined to have this outcome, I never stopped believing.
    Thank you all, guys. Let's enjoy it, we've earned it hard.
    I was here, you were here. We were here. And we are here at last. We are back.

    hahaha Congrats. I've never reached that achievement yet, I shall try harder :D
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