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  • Thankfully you didn't take the bait and didn't do the same to him in return.

    Wait :lol3:
    Because the rep system actually matters for him :lol:
    Gonna watch a few Yanited games and a few Valencia games, then I'll make my mind up.

    But goddamn, if they don't go through and I bet 500+ that's gonna cover for my tv, ps4, few games and 2 ounces of weed :tuttosport:
    seriously thinking of betting large amount of money 500$+ on yanited not passing group stage. 500$ has 1600$ return :tuttosport:
    Hey buddy!

    I mentioned you in the Higuain thread, would you come over for a second pls?
    so what do for today? seems trickier then usual and i fuck up on easy ones lol

    i can see iran upsetting portugal
    russia v uruguay can go either way, can be high scoring or a closed game
    Also both, Poland and Colombia needs a win, so both teams to score and over 2.5 is a option you can find in bet365
    just watched 1st half of Senegal vs Poland, Senegal look pretty impressive.

    I've already seen full game of Colombia vs Japan, Japan ain't got shit

    I'll most likely get banned, I posted same pic in the post you pic thread.
    man looks like a hermaphrodite
    bradar pls
    get at ugly marc for me, i only have 1 more infraction then i get banned
    go to his profile copy pasta his hideous selfies and make it look extra ugly, i know it'll be challenging to make it even uglier but u cna do it
    he's trying to resist and never open it, but one day he will forget and then BOOOOM, kyle loses his eyesight for life
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