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Apr 14, 2005
So, sitting at home I managed to watch some movies recently:

Network - Been postponing this for quite some time. It's a great movie and so many great lines of frustration that were/are so much ahead of the time, that's just brilliant. It has a nostalgic feeling to it and I really enjoyed it. Great ending too. :tup:

Tokyo Story - Good. I did like the pace and the camera here. Some call it way too slow but I found it enjoyable. Kinda (still) relatable to this society.

La haine - Loved it. Crazy movie, crazy acting and a great movie about hatred and city life.

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri - Decent at best. I expected so much more and I was bored at times. The last 1/3 of the movie saved it, otherwise I'd label it as shit.

Contagion - Enjoyable movie about the virus so it goes with the atmosphere. Kinda exaggerated but you somehow relate to it now. Nothing special, though. I did like that ending, though.

All about Eve - Good. I really liked Bette Davis performance in this one.

The Wages of Fear - I loved it. Great movie.

Schindler's List - Re-watched it last night and it's just brilliant. One of the best movies ever made imo with a great ending.
Wages of fear and la haine :tup:


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Aug 30, 2002
The Gentlemen was very nice, glad I caught it on screen before the corona madness
Just saw it, it was really good. Wish it was longer.

Bloodshot - Amateur director, shitfest.

New star wars- even bigger shit fest.

The way back - basketball slice of life drama with affleck, good movie.


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Oct 24, 2006
Once upon a time in Hollywood - the most overrated movie I've ever seen.

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May 27, 2007
Das Boot - Good one but I expected more. I totally loved the atmosphere, though. Quite claustrophobic and gripping. I can't say I liked the ending.

Eskiya - Nice and entertaining movie to watch. I did not like the ending due to scrip loophole on the roof.

Rush - Pretty great movie, I enjoyed it a lot more than Ford vs Ferrari (bar acting, which was better in FvF). I liked how they portrayed the two character who are totally different. Music was phenomenal but then when I saw it was Hans Zimmer I was not surprised, sound track was brilliant. Btw I gotta mention that I had no idea how the real story went, so it was probably more interesting to me than to others who are into it, because I really hate F1. Despite that, I really think it was good.

Ace in the Hole - Good and enjoyable movie. I really like Kirk Douglas so that's an extra here.

Sherlock Jr. - I loved it. It was so creative and funny, pretty damn crazy it's from 1924.

Incendies - Loved it. Out of new school of directors Denis Villenueve is surely in my top 3, I just love his movies. Pretty powerful story and entertaining. The only thing that I didn't like was how the woman looked pretty much the same despite 20 years difference in the story, but I suppose that's because of the ending which was great.

Casino - Man, despite the hatred I've seen towards this film (even here) I really liked it. Joe Pesci was brilliant while I also liked De Niro (who knows me will know that I do not rate that guy high, so this is huge from me). What's not to like here? I don't get it really. It was super entertaining, those 3 hours felt like 2, while it was funny, had great pace and a nice story with interesting characters. Boring and slow!? Hell no!

Dial M for Murder - Can't really go wrong with Hitchcock. Entertaining and gripping movie about the murder.

La Isla Minima - Nice Spanish movie. Pretty good for those who like detective stuff. Nothing extraordinary but worth a watch imo.

The Gentlemen -
I really liked it. I was left surprised as I had no expectations despite movie being made by Guy. IMO it was better than Knives Out. I liked the structure better and acting was also nice.

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