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  • On paper, yes. But Kamara is not as sure a thing - he was historically efficient with his touches last year, which is something not likely to repeat. Once Ingram comes back, they may well go back to a 50/50 split, like last year. Maybe Ingram gets demoted due to suspension and whatnot, maybe he doesn't.
    Hunt was great with Nagy (Bears HC) running the Offense last year, but was below average when Andy Reid took over for a spell of 6-7 weeks in the middle of the season (don't ask me why, only Reid knows). WIth Nagy gone, maybe Hunt is an RB1, maybe he is RB3 this year.
    If you get say two RB2s with a safe floor (and some upgrade at WR), it could well be an upgrade overall.
    I like Kamara and possibly Hogan from your guys, I say possibly because Pats may well end up trading for an established WR sooner than later.
    Take a look at my guys and see if we can make a trade for Kamara work. Gurley and Gronk are my only untouchables.
    I believe I managed to get great depth at RB2 and it seems to me you lack exactly that. Your WR depth looks suspect at best, too.
    Luck is a gamble, so I wouldn't close down the shop once the season starts :D
    Think about it.
    Just couldn't resist. :moan: That was max 2 points. Thank you. - Lapski
    Dear Sir,
    Would you be interested, in principle, in a trade of Marshall+Bernard+Moncrief for Howard+Jeffrey?
    A bird told me that, if you picked up Payton Barber and Alfred Blue and played them in place of Mckinnon and J. Howard tomorrow, you would win your match-up in fantasy! :agree:

    I know, I was just messing with you. I know I can be very irritating :D
    Tu devrais me voir jouer au poker avec ami :lol:
    Meme en tant que gosse je foutait le desordre quand on jouai les jeux de table, til today I still don't know how to play monopoly :lol:
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