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  • Hombre, sent you a trade offer in Tuzmania ... while sipping from a cup of green tea :D
    Trade deadline is tomorrow, fine sir, so if you're interested in improving your team, now is the time :D

    Interested in relieving you of Brees and John Brown. Offering Rivers and Starks (new starting RB at GB now). If not for Brown's hammy issues, would have maybe offered more but the guy could well be useless to me the next couple of games till he heals up, assuming no setbacks.

    That's pretty much the meaty part of my offer. If you are interested, let me know and we could talk details. Feel free to make a counter-offer.
    woah to just credit the enormous improvement in turkey's economy during his era as "just good timing" is way too simplistic IMO.

    I really doubt I'll join the "dark side" anytime soon :P I have a lot of respect for what Erdogan has done in Turkey (ok minus the corruption, censorship and power hungry actions but still :D)
    Couldn't rep you as I need to spread!

    Erdogan like all politicians, is a manipulative, power hungry person. But to be honest, in comparison to other politicians and especially to leaders in the Middle East, the guy is something else. The AKP's role in completely transforming Turkey economically is undeniable.
    Hypothetically speaking here, sort of. Might or might not have another suitor for Evans (not sure right now as he's still thinking it over). Would you be interested in Ingram + Wallace/Johnson + Ryan for Marshall + Dalton (you keep Cobb)?
    If the other possibility for trading Evans goes nowhere, offer to you stays the same as before.
    adjusted my initial offer a bit as I realized Ryan had the same bye-week as Rivers.
    I was just testing. :D Now I can't see what Alen replied since I'm removed from the thread. :moan:
    OK, Brees seems to have avoided a serious injury. Still, made you an offer in fanatsy. Let me know what you say either way as I am working on another offer as we speak. :P
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