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Oct 23, 2011
he never had a good season , he was hiding behind chiellini and barzagli
They complemented each other extremely well but saying he never had a good season is absurd. You aren't going to be a starter for a team that wins 9 Scudetti in a row if you never had a good season. Also, I would go even further and say he was absolutely world-class (top 5 defender in the world) in 2017, and we mainly played with four in the back that year.


Nov 25, 2005
I dont get this bullshit seniority virus Juve has got infected with.
I mean, Ferrara became a sub when he got old too, WTF is the big deal?
Just bench them already.

PS I know we had to use them these last two games but I'm worried nothing will change when DemiLight are fit either.

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