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  • Was referring to this A D A M post on page 4 :lol:

    "fucking discuss the game not who opens whose thread. When I come here I want to learn about the game."
    I'm sorry, was at a friends birthday and only followed it on whoscored myself :P

    Fucking social life.
    You dont live there anymore? Damn that's a bummer. But i guess you have family or trusted ones there still yea? So yes you can help me, but i'd rather we discuss it over PM which isnt happening. So gimme your whatsapp or FB or any other way we can talk about it.

    Why you dont like me? Just kidding mate. I'm woody, you probably dont know me since i havent been active on the forum for a few years now. A some fellow tuzrens vouched for you for not being a RUS and someone who is sane ;) I need some info from someone who lives in Brazil so texted ya. Where u based?
    Hello my brazilian tranny, how are you and how have you beean? We should get a room.
    Sweet, I will!

    Oh cool, you even get paid for it. :cool: What kind of music does your band play?

    Exactly, I did a lot of shaking and I'm much happier now!
    Yeah, evidently. :D Is there hip hop in Brazil? It seems too laid back for that...

    Oh, cool! What instrument do you play?

    I'm great. New job, new life - feels like. :D
    I got two words for you: Boss AC

    For a hip hop artist he's pretty laid back, low on aggression.

    How are things?

    For some reason it isn't working though. It's in the smileys selection though. It probably takes some time to get updated.
    At first they seemed very different to me, but I'm starting to see the similarities more and more. I've had some confusion with this, because most of the videos (youtube etc) I can find are actually in BR that my original plan of sticking to pure PT while I'm a beginner didn't really work out. Then there's Angolan, but that's another story I'm sure. :D

    I should record myself one of these days so you can hear my awesome accent :P
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