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  • No, I was there for 2 weeks. Loved it. It reignited my interest in Portuguese as these vacations usually do.

    I'm from a Polish family, grew up in Norway. So Polish-Norwegian dual nationality. Been in living in NL the past 9 years now.

    I started with Portuguese as a what if. I had studied Italian a whole lot and I was trying to figure out how much I could get out of that investment. Turns out Spanish is really easy to understand, but Portuguese is not. That got me interested. The fact that it sounds so different, and it sounds harsher when spoken where Spanish can be quite dainty. So that's how it started, and I grew to like it.
    I was buying some books (I always do that abroad), figured I would check out this Jose Saramago character. And the cashier starts asking me all these questions. Is it for you. Do you need it wrapped. Do you have our card. I don't think I understood any of them on the first try, had to ask him to repeat. I think that's the one guy who didn't go English on me. Thing is if you say what you say with confidence that often is enough to sell it. :D
    In a cafe I saw a sign saying: Nao ha wifi, falem ums c'os outros. Clever sign or lame copout? :D
    You should have seen me in action the past two weeks, my portu is sooo bad. :D But good enough to ask for simple things.

    And the whole pt/br distinction makes me flip each time I hear either one, now I'm in the mindset of saying everything the pt way again.
    Mr Crim, it's been too long.

    Actually remembered I wanted to ask you this. How is it that já means simultaneously: "soon" and "already"? How the heck do you know when it's which?

    já volto
    já tens seguro?
    Not really. It's a Brazilian music genre from the North. You could say it's the equivalent to America's Country music.
    Born and raised in Brazil, half Italian half Portuguese, living in the US for half my life. Hope that covers it.
    So I can't figure it out. Are you actually Brazilian or some mix that involves England or something?
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