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  • Hey why is it that when you go to a cafe sometimes they serve you fancy gorgeous tea? Then you go to a grocery store and you can't find it anywhere. Vexing! I remember coming back from Zurich recently, had a tea at the airport before getting on the plane. It was so damn good I had to have a second.
    Good :tup: Always going chai this time of the year.

    Also Jagertee instead of Glühwein. :D
    Everything.. .Rock, Funk, Hip Hop, Soul, etc... Anything that makes people dance. Then I have this other project with a Brazilian band that plays classic rock and then an acoustic one that plays everything in between.

    Happy for you, bro.
    Of course, man, look up Emicida, he's one of the newer guys.

    Whatever you throw at me :D I'm a multiinstrumentist but I'm playing bass now. Got a gig later on tonight in Miami. My goal is to get 4 gigs a week, some good extra money for doing what I like. :D

    Sometimes you have to shake things up in life, right? new changes are good.
    Hip Hop isnt really my cup of tea. But I see they have Hip Hop artists in Portugal too, huh? :D

    Can't complain. Back at playing weekends' gigs with a couple of bands. Enjoying life as much as I can. How are you?
    It's up and down i guess, Paris is beautiful city, some days i really miss home, my family, my friends...
    I guess because it's the beginning and i need time to get more comfortable with life here. School is good, and i started a part time intenship so not much free time in the coming months :D.
    I have seen Gladiator and Batman begins, The Dark Knight's music was also pretty badass. Don't you skii in Holland?
    I love that movie. The scene when the Navy Seals are surrounded and General Hummel tells them to put down their weapons and all hell breaks lose. So intense.

    From time to time I watch clips from the movie on youtube. The music is so badass.

    School and work has been killing me so much that I'll just rest in the holidays, maybe work a bit. What about you? Coming over?
    No way? Mine too! We have to watch it next time you are in the greatest country of all time.

    Dat intro.. "General Hummels you gotta get us out of here!"
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