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  • Yeah, that is pretty much on point. Most of the times training courses gets the foot into the door and if the need arises we will do projects for existing customers. we are operating in germany, austria and switzerland mainly. People say that amazon is not a very good employer, but i guess it is different if you do software or IT related stuff.
    mainly backend architecture and software.
    this is a list of my repertoire: MS System Center (SCOM, SCCM, SCSM), Red Hat Enterprise Linux + SELinux, Application Servers (JBoss AS, Wildfly, WebSphere AS), Virtualization (Vmware, Hyper-V/SCVMM, XenServer), Identity Management (MS FIM/MIM, Novell Identity Management), Backup und Recovery (Arcserve Backup & UDP, emc² Networker, IBM TSM, Symantec Backup Exec and Netbackup, Veeam Backup), PaaS (CloudFoundry), Business Intelligence and Reporting (Crystal Reports, JasperReports), Load Testing (Ranorex, HP Loadrunner), Software-Defined Storage (Datacore SANsymphony), Antivirus Software (McAfee, TrendMicro, Sophos & Symantec), Monitoring (Whatsup Gold & Nagios). Of course my company does offer way more topics, but these mentioned are my specialties. As you can see that is a pretty big range of topics and that is exactly why we struggle to find any proper employees. Are you interested in a specific topic ?
    Can't see your quote in Muslim thread since I'm banned from there. :moan:
    Wow, cool. Although you probably noticed how Brasils and Portugals Portuguese differ. The latter does sound more harsh a bit like Russian almost, and makes it harder to understand.

    Brazilian Portuguese has more of a open fuller sound because of the influence of immigrants, mostly Italian, French, African languages and native Brazilian. This makes it for a language that's muxh more diverse.
    No, dude. But looks quite useful... For whoever lives in Portugal :D. You're in Portugal now?

    Btw what are u, Dutch? How come u decided Portuguese is a cool language to learn?
    I bet :lol: Portugal's Portuguese is just so different, it's hard even for us to understand. Now if you try to learn both, good luck :D

    A bit of both. They must lose a lot of customers though. You know, hipsters like Kieselguhr Kid and Hustini.
    To make matters worse it also means "now" depending on how you use it.

    I wouldn't really know how to explain but here are some examples:

    When somebody rushes you to go "let's go" you can reply "Já vou" or "Já to indo" which means i'm going.

    Be right back you can say either Já volto or Já venho.

    When somebody unpleasant leaves you can say Já foi tarde = Good riddance, about time, finally. Or Já vai tarde when the person hasn't left yet.

    Pare com isso, já! means stop this now!

    I know, Portuguese is a bitch of a language. :D
    I'm trying to change it up a bit, Claudio the casper looks awesome with his hipster beard :agree:
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