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  • Tu sais, je commence petit à petit à vraiment piger Dieudo. C'est pas façile à suivre hors contexte culturel.
    You should get a passport from a good country. Norway and Poland both suck. Rossi figured it all out.
    lol some questions are epic. Cheers, I'll add to my sources :D I've found like 5-6 ebooks (parallel texts) so I think thats great, plenty of stuff to read now
    Yeah I know what you mean, when I was a kid I used to know quite a lot of Spanish just because I watched soap operas lol. It's a good way to learn for sure. I'll try to find some these days I guess
    If you have anything else, like documentary with subs or something, feel free to share :D That sort of stuff works best I think. Juventus channel on youtube is helpful but they post rarely and it's usually short videos. I can really hardly watch stuff like CSI
    lol that is amazing :D I will watch it. Hilarious plus I will probably learn some Italian. I like that sort of stuff, exactly what I need :D
    Ah, en Pays Bas c beaucoup mieux, haha jte takine, j'espere que tout va bien pour toi, tu dois te marrier, comme ça tu trouvera des activités plus intéressantes à faire.
    Tant mieux mon ami !! Un match de basket en Scandinavie, cela a l'air très chouette :P
    Oui je vais très bien mon cher ami, deçu de la disqualification de la Juve mais ça peut aller, et toi tout va bien chez toi ?
    go to himalayas. i.e. nepal and some of northern india.

    i'm interested many aspects of hinduism, buddhism. i would love to spent a lot of time learning about the basics and the philosophy without getting into detail about the organised hindduist, buddhist stuff.
    yeah junk food and coffee have similarities to cigarettes when you consider the craving but it's much bigger than them.

    goal when travelling? depends on the place i'm going, lot of places in asia where i want to spent time in temples and stuff, trekking etc. south america is a place i'd like to explore in detail, europe? i don't know, my next trip is probably going to be around the drugs as ill be in amsterdam for a lot of days :D.
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