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  • expats are the main population here, indian subcontinent, filipinos, africans, other arabs(lebanese, palestine, egypt), british, americans. the local qataris are seen in very expensive cars and stuff :D the indian subcontinent is where the labour comes for this buildings, with the money these guys have, i think they could be given much better conditions. doha is just trying to become like dubai, where all this stuff has already happened. compared to orthodox countries like saudi, kuwait its pretty liberal.

    qatar was like them 7 years back, the transition to become a modern nation has been happening only from that time. the qataris ive met here are pretty good people, but with all this money they couldve got some better education.
    yes cigarette smoking is anti-social i would agree. but you cannot put other substances in that category. im actually struggling a bit to quit smoking cigarettes now. i was almost regularly smoking weed for the past one year and using other substances like psilocybin mushrooms, lsd occasionally they cannot be put in the same category as cigarettes. cigarettes usage like caffeine usage, your brain will react negatively when the usage is stopped suddenly. and it becomes such an addiction and the public usage is where the big problem comes.

    for starters im planning to go to next word cup in brazil and some europe, amsterdam, berlin, copenhagen. lot of other places in my mind. hopefully things go according to plan :xfinger:
    come on martin, cigarettes and drugs are two different things. here cigarettes and alcohol are available, actually smoking is allowed everywhere, compared to in india, atleast in my state where public smoking is banned.

    i plan to stay for 3-4 years, make some money and use it to travel around the world, its a good change for me as of now, lets see how long i will like it here.

    doha and around doha is where all the big skyscrapers and other projects are happening. its a very small country and there are a couple of other towns also. these guys have some immense resource of natural gas, and with the american, british oil companies here thats where all the money is coming from, this is the new goldmine for them, all the other gulf countries except saudi are not really that interesting places for the americans as the resources are not really that plenty.

    yes once you leave the city its all deserted arid landscapes, makes me miss the tropical rainforest where i lived :D
    i'll start with the negatives.

    a) no weed, no drugs.
    b) summer is horrible, i reached during the peak and it makes it impossible to step out of buildings or cars like from 5 in the morning to 7 in the evening.


    a) i've picked up more women in 3 months than i have in the last year in india :D
    b) the profile of my job and the company is pretty good, rather than pure enterprise sales that i used to do in india, this has some technical stuff which i like. and its an amazing place to work in the business field because the explosion of projects all around the country.
    c) i like the mixed crowd here, people from lot of different places.
    d) most importantly, money :D moar money :D
    yes, not because of the size of the order just because of your avatar :flirt:
    Sales Engineer. i.e I'm responsible for the sales and pre-sales of alcatel-lucent voice and data networking solutions in the enterprise, hospitality space.
    See, that makes you lucky in my book. Because I "need" to watch both old & new ones. Where am I supposed to find the time for that?
    Easy enough. There's always something I haven't seen yet & that looks interesting (even if a lot of them turn out to be the opposite of interesting when you start watching).

    And probably hundreds of movies I'd like to watch again some time. :D
    Nothing special, basically just relaxing (movie time! :D) & hanging out with people. Might sneak in a quick trip to Torino as well, but I'm not sure.

    And looking around for a new job obviously. I do have something lined up, more or less, but it doesn't hurt to see what else is out there. It just has to be closer to home than the previous gig, no more hours lost in traffic every day for me anymore!
    You know how to party! :D

    Well, I'm officially unemployed since this Monday, so that's new. Hoping to start somewhere else in a few weeks, if it doesn't fall through. Other than that, I can't complain. Even if I, unlike you, spend most of my free time relaxing instead of studying & reading :D
    I don't want to provoke the believers :P . I'm satisfied with the chocolate jesus tbh.
    It's actually not a new one. I've had it once before, one of my first ones I think.

    Don't know if it's mean, but considering we're a racist club it's very apt :D
    I only use French when absolutely necessary, as a last resort, but this expression was too nice to pass up. It was predictable that you wouldn't be able to resist :D

    And nope, still at the same place. Looks like they're going to hold me to the legal term of notice, which means I'll have to stay on until the end of August. But since I don't have anything else lined up right now anyway, it doesn't bother me too much. Not yet, at least.
    Hey now!

    Sometimes you just have to take one step back first. "Reculer pour mieux sauter", as they say in French.
    What is there to get? Girls gone wild means girls taking off their clothes, so bananas gone wild...

    Yes, it's lame, I know. But I can't bring my grade A material all the time :D
    Nah, haha, I got love for the profession. I never was the best student in high school but right now I am in Uni so that must mean something :) Cheers, Martin, I'm heading out. Thanks for the little chat fella.
    Exacto, quiero ser abogado. Aunque estoy muy temprano en mi carrera quiero ser un abogado corporativo. Y claro, hacer dinero, tambien.
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