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  • Ah yes movies, you have unlimited attention span for those. How do you do that? :D

    Long commutes are a huge pain. Never again!
    You know it, what else would I live on? Life is pretty good, I'm in a proper geek phase now, reading academic articles about computer science after work and whatnot.

    You can talk me into anything with French, I see you've figured that out. :D

    Did you get that new job yet or still at the old place?
    Well... I can't entirely rule out that hypothesis. :D

    The new gig is a pretty cosy software company in Delft, it's nice. One of these (rare?) companies in software that's actually focused on the long term, they have a couple of employees (around my age in fact) with a 10 year history in the place, which is a nice change of culture. And I'm working on a product that will go on sale, which is more fun than putting out fires on websites.
    Ah, like that. Well I just found out recently that the company I worked for until the last few months of 2012 seems to have either gone belly up or at least cut their operations a lot, maybe in half. Now, it was my decision to leave when I did, but it seems oddly clairvoyant in this light.

    So what's next for you?
    Why is that, did you run the company into the ground? :D

    I'm not bad, puffing along.

    That's a relief, I was worried it might not be good enough for Buck. :D
    the one dependable thing in my life has just gone south etc, how will I live :D
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