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Feb 22, 2019
Ronaldo Fanboys, spoilt kids they are.

I put this AndreaPirlo10 fucker on ignore, like I did with Collobollo, Arctically and the likes. :yuck:
Those all fanboys spread around any sport in the world are the biggest cancer i'v ever seen. It ain't just football, it's all sports and it's fucking unbeliavable how much time these guys are having in their hands for going through all those fucking FB pages, their IG pages, all different forums, all different platforms and then commenting every single one of those, to get someone to agree with them to raise their stupidly low self-esteem about their favourite player.

Anybody who reads this: Ronaldo is GOAT whether i say so, you say so or those remaining million Messi fans are disagreeing with because i don't give a fuck what anybody else says about it because i know it's the truth and that's the reason i don't need to be around 17 different places to tell people why, because i know it's a fucking truth. If you deeply believe in something or you know that something is true, is there reason to tell anybody that it's the truth because it's already the truth? If it wouldn't be the truth, why would you be telling a lie to everyone else?

Going with Wittl and instant ignore on any Millenial fanboy.

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Dec 23, 2012
Meh, I had a sweet spot for Fio when they had Rui and Batistuta. Then Mijatovic came in and Fio became the worst enemy. And then he left, but Di Livio stayed, so Fio became cute again.
i'm pretty sure thats a universal thing tbh, ofc you are gonna have a soft spot for teams that have players you like, im talking more people that don't actually follow a team, their 'main' team is whoever their favourite player plays for
May 25, 2019
IIRC he was rested all the way back in the game in Korea due to abductor fatigue. I've missed the last handful of games and haven't had the time to watch as many games as I'd like this season, but I wonder if he has been battling injury for most if not all of this season so far? And if so with Dybala and Higuain playing well and with Costa back, why not sit him for 2-3 or more games?


Sep 29, 2008
It wasn't fully over the line before Ramsey touched it. There was a great slowmo of it yesterday.

I'm happy that Ramsey scored it, Princess Crybaby is uselee old hack and should be sold.

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