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  • Please take some time to look into this, maybe you can dig up his old posts and see for yourself. In fact, at the time he made his account I had never been banned or wasn't banned at the time. And if you see his posts, there's absolutely no reason to think he was a troll account or anything like that.

    I almost forgot! I even told the mods to add my brother on facebook and see that he's a Juve fan in hopes of helping my brother but they dismissed my suggestion.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this.

    Best regards,

    Hey Marty,

    Sorry for bothering and posting this in your profile, I know you probably don't deal with this kind of things but I can't think of any other solution since mods won't listen to me.

    My brother (whose username is BetoBianconero) made an account a few years ago, that was after I joined the site, although he had never been as active as I've been, there's no reason to think we're the same person. I asked the mods to dig up his old posts and see if there's a pattern or a good reason to believe he's a double account but they don't believe me, and I know it's a hard decision for them because I haven't always had good behaviour but now my brother can't access the site with his account, which is unfair for him.

    just wanted to know if it worked :D
    ...only 5$ i know, but its just meant as little thank you
    for keeping the site in good shape :tup:

    used me + my dads paypal.
    first try did not work, second did i think. :boh:

    Chris :beer:
    Hi Marty, I don't meant to mind you but I want to know if I can change my username. I want something simple like Adrian so everyone can recognise me :) thanks a lot
    Hello Mr. Marty :P

    I am having trouble seeing who leaves reps on my behalf and that seems to be an isolated case here. I can see the names of people I leave reps to but not those who rep me.
    Not sure if you have encountered this issue but may be you have some advice? :kiss:
    Marty is there any chance that I could download that file? I am at work and I watch watch it! please :), a ftp link or anything :)!
    Yes something like that! I'd like to put a password on my mozilla because i save all login passwords
    Marty are you good with windows softwares? is it possible to make a software with a password, for example if someone clicks on it password is required in order to open it.
    Hi Marty!

    Can you, as a mod, delete for me the thread Giovinco 2013 - new compilation in the MultiMedia section!
    Since, yesterday the video did not work on YouTube..... And, today with some help it works and I have made a new thread!
    Hi Marty,

    Can you check if the mine sweeper game is setup correct? I did the game in +/- 240 time, and am last, normally one would expect the fastest time, to be first.
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