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Apr 19, 2003
Madrid simply imposed themselves on us in the 2nd half. We are a team that is easily pressed. In the 1st half Madrid kept a flat back 4. In the 2nd half Ramos and Marcelo were considerably higher up the pitch. Their forwards pressed up much higher.

We have no pace on the counter so we couldn't do anything to pin them back or get back in the match and we're not very good at hitting any long balls that aren't directed at Llorente. Then we ran out of gas from chasing the ball.
Sad,but a true story of our 2nd half performance.

Forza Juve!!!


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Nov 21, 2005
I just want to add two more points. 1 juves defense is woeful this season, they are great when fully focused but our back four suffer from brain farts that end up with us conceding as evident by the first and even the second goal. 2 if juve are to complete internationally and domestically our bench needs a lot of quality, you can't just depend on a good starting 11. Did you notice how bale got subbed out and was replaced with an equally dangerous player in Di maria? Italian teams in general don't have this edge in quality. Finally it's not over yet for us but the team needs to step up to the occasion and challenge if we are too salvage any thing from this years competition.


Mar 6, 2003
I think, that is pretty clear from the 2 legs.. that madrid showed more composure and technicality than us

Nothing wrong with that.. but we must accept we are lacking a little more to really be on par with the top guns


Apr 14, 2005
the gap in quality is obvious and the fact that we only beat ourselves only shows the qulity of work conte has done and how better of a group this team is than say madrid. the difference tonight was casillas, had we been up 2-0 i think we would have broken them teh way we did chelsea last year, but iker was really sublime.


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Jan 26, 2009
i disagree, if we get back licht, on form chiellini, and the vooch off the bench we will be really tough to crack
:agree: :tup: The most important element was not losing this game, as I feel it would've dented our confidence. As things stand, and with Gala losing, the ball is still in our court. If we push through and manage to qualify, I only fear Barca and Bayern. United, Chelsea, and Arsenal have nowhere near the attacking quality that Madrid (or the aforementioned duo possess) have, not to mention the lack of a certain Sir Alex Ferguson makes the prospect of facing United in the next round more appetizing. Dortmund and Atletico Madrid can cause us problems, but as long as we qualify and avoid Bayern and Barca, we should be ok.


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Apr 20, 2007
Well.. great first half and we should have really got away with more than 1-0 in the first 45.
We lost it totally the second half and conceded 2 goals as a result, then finally made a come back.

We really dropped 2 points there again with our own hands.

Given the FDK result we have another big chance to recover and qualify. But that remains on paper still!

We have been given so many gifts in the group and chances to qualify, but if we get through and continue with the silly mistakes, there will be no gifts to be given!!


Sep 23, 2003
That would mean breezing through the group stages with 7-0 scorelines, getting everyone orgasmic about our potential to win it all, and seeing us crushed like termites at the first sign of competition in the elimination rounds.


May 11, 2004
Thank you. :)

But "With Gareth Bale starting" as an opening headline? Shit, is everything Bale pinches out of his ass worthy of the top headline in England for the locals to masturbate over?

They even jerk off to his being subbed as part of the match "highlights". :sergio:
"That's why Madrid pays the big money" really pathetic comments


Jul 11, 2011
it was quite unfortunate that casillas had such a good game, because we could've put at least 1-2 more past them. that save with his leg was ridiculous, i actually thought we scored.

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