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  • YA DOCTOOOOOR!! 3amel eeeehh? Missed you a lot bro. hope life treating you in hot Russia :D
    Izayak ya Za3eem, Wallahi 3alayk wahsha ya basha. Hope all is good on your side. Moved out to cali so been busy, promise to get online more once i get an office job :D. Chaat soon ya sexy inta.
    Thanks for your concern. That was his 4th time he insulted my sister in a last 3-4 days. I reported him to dule and Gray but they didn't do anything. I had no choice, I hate when I do it, I become a lowlife, and I don't like that. Nice to meet you Bisco.
    Hey sweetie how are you? *Hugs* And in response to your question yes it is me. :)
    Hi, Ahmed!

    I don't post much in the off season so don't worry. I usually only check the site out once a week to read threads until the matches start. Juve got off to a good start. Long may it continue! I see the ref's are still anti-Juve!
    I'm not too bad, thanks! You too, I hope; and your family! Jake's fine too! We have that hurricane from America buffeting us ATM. Argh! There goes a slate off our roof! :( I hope we don't have a leak now! I wish these hurricanes would stay on the American side of the Atlantic. They always seem to cross in such a way that Scotland always cops them. I've been soaked to the skin twice today already. Would you like some rain? I wish I really could share this deluge with someone! The next 5cm to the sahara, please! :D
    You got it bro, I can get you a job in the generic pharmaceutical lab 10 mins away, we'll be rich!
    Dude where are you? I hope you're spending all this time on grooming yourself, we don't want you looking like this hairy, grimey & pervy looking geyser one day.:D

    Bro, where the hell did you go?
    We need to have a msn convo asap, The story will be Legen wait for it and i hope this will be a great weekend for you DARY!!!
    I've just been super busy bro, not pulling a fast one on you. Hows everything on your side?
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