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  • Go ahead, and it's not me actually, it's my cousin who hold the same name as me ! :D
    As long as you don't use it to jinx Milan, it's all good :D

    Happy Holidays again :)
    ohh thanks so much for your concern but i am ok, i am very far away from the earthquake city.. i was busy with some stuffs, i just look at twitter :oops: hope you're ok and you've got over your health problems. ..***..
    Hey Angela!

    We have not spoken about it, but I saw your post and it booted me into gear. I am a lot slower than he is (he has all of the lessons already written, which I don't for the exercises, plus I am notoriously absent-minded), but I am going to try and get the missed ones up this weekend. I am sorry for the delay :)

    heeeeeeeeeeeey Angela!!! how r u doing dear??? i hope life has been treating u well. hope jake has been a good boy too :D i'm awufully sorry i have'nt checked on u for quite some time now my bad. hope this finds u well and happy :) :beer:
    I'm around. I'm just waiting for something substatial to happen. Nice to see people are still so interested.
    lovely to hear you had a good Christmas, i am ok not bad, sometimes my work puts pressure on me but still everything is fine!
    how is your treatment dear?..***..
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