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Nov 25, 2005
Chelsea’s defense wasn’t even good. They basically relied on the oppositions profligacy meaning it was pure luck. In the semi-final Barca had so many chances to put them to the sword (even a missed penalty) but failed. In the final, Bayern had like 30-40 shots and even missed a penalty in extra-time. Chelsea’s triumph in 2012 was more of a freak occurrence rather than some defensive masterclass. Replay those games in the semi-final and final again under the same conditions and it’s unlikely they win.
Yes, it was pure luck; BUT if you're like me and believe in football karma, that Chelsea squad did deserve a CL title after years of suffering with bad luck.


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Apr 17, 2019
My point was that teams like Atalanta and City have an attacking chance because they are free scoring but their weakness is defence, the other end of the spectrum is Atletico who if they take the lead can hold out and take the win like they did against Liverpool also by being clinical. We should try and be more like Atletico than City if we want to have a real shot because our defenders can be solid while our attack is only Ronaldo and Dybala with nothing from midfield. This is now a single leg affair so its unpredictable and if I'm Sarri with a half baked Sarribol team, I'd make us solid in defence and work on fast counters. Further to that, I'd practice penalties. We are not in good form, we don't score enough, we don't keep enough clean sheets so lets be smart about it because the classic Italian way might just do it. Its only a few games to the title, a massive opportunity in some ways for the underdogs.


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May 26, 2009
Are you dense?if he leaves Parma he isnt allowed to play for us this season. Only next season. All new signings just sitting in teams training facilities, they aren't allowed to play now, this current season.

Sane joined their training after their league season was over. He wont be allowed to play their CL games.
This is the same guy that said we’d be an amazing attack force under Sarri


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May 17, 2019
CAS released their ruling on City vs UEFA, apparently UEFA built their case on football leaks and not much more :lol: City were slow to cooperate, so thats why they got the penalty. Next time UEFA should either hire real investigators or cooperate with LEA, this is embarrassing


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Jan 24, 2007
some good news in a world of sad news

cl season 2020/2021 won't feel like its going to take forever to start. oct 20 is start date which is less than 2 months.

much better than the usual 3+ month wait in normal seasons
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