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May 11, 2004
It would. But do you believe in it?
I don't believe in it but there is one scenario with a very beautiful outcome and that alone keeps me going. I do lose it on the way like against Inter, I simply turned off the match after 30 minutes. Yesterday I did not bother with the first half, I had nothing else to do when the second half started and found it entertaining. Then seeing the penalty miss and Gatusso looking like an aubergine at the end of the match made it all very funny.


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Sep 28, 2017
Lol at people gaining hope after supercoppa. We looked like conceding every time under real pressure, our GK was our best player.

It was the same as before, when you have superior talent you’ll win some and lose some, and luckily we won this. Pirlo is still clueless. He ain’t getting sacked, so the roller coaster season is far from over.

Inter wasn’t rock bottom, with this midfield and defense we have multiple Fiorentina type losses coming.

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