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Mar 6, 2003
Give him 1-2 games more and you'll see same performance as against Inter.
Nothing new here, we gonna continue with our inconsistency til the end of the season.
That being said, 3-4 place finish is our realistic target.

Tonight he was saved by Insigne and Szczesny. Nothing to do with his tactics, game plan, execution. . .
Bolded part

Yeh, simply ill not buy into the hype. people here are retarded and blinded.

If he wins the league playing like we should ill admit his prowess. If not, then he needs to be kicked out.


Senior Member
Jul 18, 2004
Glad he got his first trophy yesterday and we certainly looked more structured and harder to break down. Having said that Napoli created more opportunities that us and if it wasn’t for 2 wonder saves from Tek and a missed penalty it could have been a lot different...

we’ve got to work on our passing and movement in the final third it’s incredibly predictable


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Sep 16, 2020
Ronaldo - Morata
Chiesa - Bentancur - Arthur - McKennie
Sandro - Chiellini - De Ligt - Cuadrado

Our best line up, only Chiesa has to improve at that side.
I don't think morata would play as a starter if mckennie play as a right winger/third mid
AFAIK pirlo has never played duo morata CR with mckennie behind them.
The reason probably because we lack technical player in final third. So Either kulu or dybala would play.
Different case if it's ramsey play instead of mckennie in that role.

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