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Oct 24, 2011
Give him 1-2 games more and you'll see same performance as against Inter.
Nothing new here, we gonna continue with our inconsistency til the end of the season.
That being said, 3-4 place finish is our realistic target.

Tonight he was saved by Insigne and Szczesny. Nothing to do with his tactics, game plan, execution. . .
May 26, 2016
You guys are buying into the false dawn shit again we will be back to the usual rubbish with many changes vs bologna. He has no clue what he is doing out there.
My thoughts as well.

Cuadrado being back fit and hopefully dybala and de ligt soon too will surely help , but he will have to get his act together and stop doing stupid mistakes and also learn from them very fast before it's too late.

Even tho i dont have much faith in him to turn this around im very happy for him that he got the win tonight, just hope he starts to bring consistency to this team asap
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