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    The Official Jean-Alain Boumsong Thread (Lyon)

    My god this is so embarrassing. First question, why on earth do Lyon want Boumsong anyway? But aside from that, step aside Secco...hell even I could be on management if this is the standard.
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    Benazir Bhutto Assasinated

    Rest in peace. I am regrettably not informed enough about Pakistani politics to say whether she was a good politician, but I doubt she deserved a death like this. Also, she was a Harvard woman...and as they say, Harvard does not forget its sons (or daughters).
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    Domenico Criscito

    Not directly reflecting on your post, but whatever reasons people are giving for sending Criscito on loan, the Roma game should not be one of them. Totti has made a fool out of many experienced defenders, he's a world class #10 and is expected to do so.
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    Van der Vaart

    Sure, but I wish we could just get him already...and van der Vaart doesn't prevent Giovinco from playing. Giovinco can play on the left side and also fill in at the center, so there we go. But this story will have more twists and turns before it's over.
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    Juventuz LIVE 2007/2008

    NEDVED!!! Beautiful goal!!
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    Serie A: Juventus vs Inter [November 4 2007]

    I don't think Del Piero was terrible either. He had some good touches and moves in the first half and the beginning of the second but got worse.
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    Serie A: Juventus vs Inter [November 4 2007]

    Camo and Buffon MOM, Chiellini and Palladino very close seconds. Ibrahimovic who????
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    Juventuz LIVE 2007/2008

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    Tiago Mendes

    You're missing Geof's point, which is that the money spent shouldn't be a factor on whether or not Tiago is played. That money is gone. If Ranieri doesn't think Tiago is going to be good for the team, probably as seen during training, the most rational thing to do is not to "spend" other...
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    Serie A: Fiorentina Vs Juventus [October 07 2007]

    I'll be honest and say that I'm satisfied with a point from the Artemio Franchi given that Mutu is in form and we had no away supporters. Sure, we could have held on for the win...but the goal Iaquinta scored was pretty fluky. Things balance out in the end.
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    Juventuz LIVE 2007/2008

    Same here, I was confused for a second. :cool:
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    Juventuz LIVE 2007/2008

    Iaquinta! Nice finish, I hope we don't concede before the half.
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    Juventuz LIVE 2007/2008

    Why didn't Molinaro come in, Chiellini to the center?
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    Juventuz LIVE 2007/2008

    Bravo Trezeguet!! Now let's not concede in the next minute...
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    Sebastian Giovinco

    Nope, Giovinco's on the bench...hope he comes on soon.