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    Serie B: Mantova vs Juventus - [13/01/2007]

    cost us promotion? really now, stay realistic... I think this rebuilding thing is great...
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    {SI} Football Manager 2007

    4real? chiellini is an loyal servant of mine on my game...
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    Serie B: Mantova vs Juventus - [13/01/2007]

    je, [email protected] lolboj has a zlatangene within...
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    More players for next season .

    agreed, he might be the new symbol of juventus.... a loyal veteran like DP
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    Serie B: Juventus vs Verona [12-09-2006]

    I know i'm not supoused to say this, but I really think that it does not matter whether napoli draws or not... (they're not that good, so they're gonna loose more matches than us(more than 0) anyway) Juve is gonna win serie B, its no doubt... Its not exciting anymore, we're 2 good 4 these...
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    Suggestion--Name Changes

    lol, romeo and juliet?
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    -what are u currently listenin to?-

    jean michel jarre & vangelis - crockets theme
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    Juve eye unbeaten year

    every loose 4 juve this year will be a shame, they are 2 good 4 serieb and shall proove it by not loosing any. although I don't think it's realistic that we wont have any bad luck, and bad luck can cre8 some shitty results... but it's not in my point of view unrealistic 4 an unbeaten season in...
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    lol I think that the directors should start answering some questions instead of creatin new ones... and that question was complicated, wtf leom... it should be a really good explanation behind that one
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    a great world cup BBC Montage

    yeah, thanks a lot! [email protected]
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    -what are u currently listenin to?-

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    FIFA 2007

    lol... videogames become very important if ur opponent is your brother.... I once owned my brotha in def jam ffny, and he hit the wall so hard that it became a hole in it....
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    [Primera] Madrid Derby

    why? was that ur bet?