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  1. J Stadium/Allianz

    not really, that deal is only for 12 years. 6mil and a bit for every year is not bad
  2. J Stadium/Allianz

    the statement said stadium revenue, it didnt mention ticket sales i understand that those two are seperate stadium revenue probably covers money earn from stadium visits, tours, renting of the VIP boxes, advertising etc if we name it 'emirates' or whatever else corporate name we can get a...
  3. Juventuz LIVE 2010/2011

    come on ale score a goal!!
  4. Juventuz LIVE 2010/2011

    they will get used to it, its not like your team will play too many early kickoffs. they will only loose 2-3 sunday lunches and they have the whole afternoon free now
  5. Juventuz LIVE 2010/2011

    fans in italy dont like the 1230 sunday kickoff because its the time families get together for lunch its a sort of protest against it
  6. Juventuz LIVE 2010/2011

    great goal but fuck, 92nd minute!!
  7. [Serie A] Juventus - Sampdoria (September 12, 2010)

    when you have all those star players next to you, you will improve and you will be calmer during the game
  8. Mauro Camoranesi

    despite his few problems he was a quality player for us ciao camo
  9. Marco Borriello - ST - Milan

    what are we gonna do till next seasons mercato?? witness another mediocre disappointing season?
  10. Fabio Quagliarella - FW - Napoli

    diego wasnt a goalscore though, so that doesnt change the amount of chances the strikers will need to score it would just have made it easier to create more chances
  11. Diego Ribas da Cunha

    point 1 is fair enough dont agree with point 2, especially when krasic is valued at 12-15 mil, yaya toure goes for 30mil, hernadez for 10mil . we sold poulsen for 6mil! and i can go on diego is certainly worth 20+mil
  12. Diego Ribas da Cunha

    at least we have aquilani in midfield now, who provided he stays fit he can add some creativity in this team
  13. Diego Ribas da Cunha

    cant see us swapping 1 attacking mid for another, it doesnt make sense
  14. Miloš Krasić - AM R - CSKA Moscow

    they signed zoran tosic from man utd this summer, he is a left winger though