Sep 23, 2003
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Guys, here's one for you: can white people sing songs with n-word? Like at parties, pubs, concerts etc. There is this saying that you can't throw words out of the song but this question hit me
No. And being a white dude, I am always so puzzled how some white people always be wanting to yell the n-word in public like it's a kink or fetish.

Unless you have Tourettes, this should not be a big deal.

What you gonna achieve by doing it? No one's irreplaceable and the best you can get is leaving with an asshole label. Keep it classy man.
I kind of like where you're going with this. Burning it all down in your wake can be fun. But it can be a class move to walk away.

Just walk away...


It seems so. The issue here is that the girl is simply not at my level yet. She's a great person and I'm sure she'll be a great lawyer soon. But she and I both know I'm the better lawyer right now.

She'll start to earn more than me by October. I refuse to work a single minute in that office knowing she'll get paid more for doing easier work.
Ahh, I remember my early professional career where every peer was a potential threat and a rival to compete with. Such b.s.

Really, here's the thing to know: it's not about you. You're probably taking it personally, but it has nothing to do with you.

All the more reason to get your own independently and save the dick-measuring contests for the others. There's a lot more to life than a few taxable thousand a year to blow up your work situation and throw you into a rage.

maybe its just my Americanness but I don't understand why you are offended if she asked for a raise and you didn't. In my experience raises are not entirely about what you deserve but what you can get. I got a raise in my previous job because I demanded one and implied when asking that I would leave if i didn't get it. It worked.

This is why women earn less money than men because they often won't rock the boat to get it. They think it should just be handed to them on merit.

If you ask for the raise and still don't get it then yea I would be pissed.
I still have enough Americanness to agree with Kyle. :D

years of meth abuse vs years of single malt abuse :lol2:
From meth mouth to malt mouth.

There are nice whorehouses in Germany with nice polish girls. Go for it!
So that's what brought Klose and Podolski over.

Is there some lowkey way to check if a person is lesbian? I'm suspecting a kindergarden teacher of my kid might be one, as I saw her the other day with a woman friend, and I've absolutely given in to my curiosity and now I just have to know. :D
As the legend goes, take her on a second date and see if she brings a U-Haul.


In bocca al lupo, Fabio.
Jun 25, 2003
Can we agree that French is the gayest language and Spanish is the sexiest?
In their very own, very unique way they are both equally gay.

- - - Updated - - -

nah way too many Mexicans are obese and sound whiney when they talk. French girls sound sexy as hell.

Your point doesn't hold water.
French is an excellent language for a woman to speak.

For a man not so much.


Sep 29, 2008
French girls don't sound sexy.

The most horrible sound ever heard on this planet is a black ghetto bitch from Compton yelling to another ghetto bitch (and they are all fat).

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