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Prediction Game Champ 2003 & 2005
Jan 12, 2002
Position: playmaker/support striker

Jersey number: 10

Boots: Adidas predator

good at: Passing, heading, dribbling, scoring !!

not good at: long-range shots.

Player I am like: I liked being called DEL PIERO while playing !!

Perfect game: I play around 2-3 matches every week so I have my good days and bad days ;)

Worst game: see above

Best goal: I like scoring diving headers

Did i ever score an own goal: Nope


2013 Prediction Cup Champ
Jul 16, 2002
Height: 5'10 1/2 (sorry, we dont use the metric system !!)

Position: Striker

Jersey #: 18

Soccer boots: red and black Adidas predator

I am good at: shooting, rebounds in front of net

I am not so good at: dribbling thru the entire defense like Pele

Players I am like: Vieri, Pippo Inzaghi

Perfect game: scored a hat trick a few months ago, and our team won 3-2

Worst game: getting tackled from behind, never seeing it, hitting my head on the ground, and being hospitalized at the Police Olympics last year

Ever score an own goal: NO !! (thank god !!!)

Best goal I scored: off a free kick, jumping up in the air going for the volley, somehow striking the ball with my left foot while still in mid-air, and seeing the ball go over the goalkeeper, and into the top left corner of the net. I couldnt do it again if I tried !!!!!!


Senior Member
Dec 31, 2000
Fahad, you stole my shirt :fero:

According to your description at least there's one thing I might beat you at, well I'm happy with one :D


Senior Member
Jul 17, 2002
like Fahad, i'm not good at long shots, though my reason is that my shot power is that of a 7 year old!!
At least i'm accurate enough to be called normal.

though i did score a goal off the volley last week from outside the box. the position and ball dynamics was exactly like Tacchi's goal vs. Basel :cool:

besides that, and a couple of curling free kicks, i'm crap at shots.


Senior Member
Dec 31, 2000
Maybe for seasoned pros it comes easy but it sure is a challenge to me, though I have to say it's a nice excercise for the mind, debugging aside. In fact, it would be a lot more fun without debugging, that takes up way too much of my time.. :groan:


Senior Member
Jul 28, 2002
well i believe lacs gonna unveil the plans sumtime time tomoro so ya'll gott wait :D

p.s i call a dm spot..number 10 or 7 :D

jus kiddin :D

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