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Jul 16, 2002
This a thread where everyone tells us about him playing soccer, everything he can say, I will begin>

Height: 181cm

Position: Striker

Jersey number: 13

Soccer boots: White Adidas predator

I am good at: Dribbling, Set pieces, And positioning (Like inzaghi).

I am not so good at: Shooting from distance, Heading.

Player I am like: a mix between montella and Di vaio.

Perfect game: In the cup final between our school and a rival one, I was a substitute to our star player, I got in with 20 minutes to spare, we were loosing 2-0. And guess what, I scored a hatrick. The last goal came in the dieng minutes after i went past a couple of defenders and curled the ball on the top corner :eek: :devil::cheesy::strong:

Worst game: you dont even want to know:fero:

Did i ever score an own goal: YES

The best goal I scored: A volley from the half of the pitch.:cool:

Now how about you... can u compete with me

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Dj Juve

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Jul 12, 2002
Height: ???

Position: Striker

Jersey number: 13

Soccer boots: some reebok boots (old one, got it FOC) :cool:...but im gonna buy the new orange Vapour(like Christian Gimenez)

I am good at: dribbling and pace...but nowadays i tend to play keeper :eek: and i like it :eek:

I am not so good at: Heading and juggling :embarass:

Player I am like: no one can compare to the great ME....;)

Perfect game: i've got al few gr8 games..but i remember once i had to be keeper in a penalty shootout

Worst game: you dont even want to know...;)

Did i ever score an own goal: while playing around everyday in the field tournaments no

The best goal I scored: to many to say :p ;) i have to say when i scored direct from a corner in a tournament..i actually was a miss kick...


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Oct 30, 2001
Height: I'll get back to you

Position: Centre midfield, playmaker or support striker

Jersey number: I love 10

Boots: Adidas predator lunars

good at: Passing, shooting, crossing, set pieces, dribbling, penalties

not good at: throw ins, heading

Player I am like: Guardiola or Aimar

Perfect game: Was in goal for most of it, making several dramatic saves, then went upfield at the end, skinned two players and curled a 25 yarder into the top corner

Worst game: sometimes I can't shoot very well

Best goal: flicked it up over a defenders head, straight from our goal kick, then volleyed it into the top corner from about 25 yards..I'll never score a better goal


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Sep 21, 2002
I play just for fun with friends, so I don't have this jersey number and stuff.

Height- ?

Position- I prefer to play as a right winger

good at: sometimes good runs, sometimes great passes, sometimes good crossing. tackles.

not good at: deal with crossings and high balls. be in front of goal/one on one :rolleyes: not good strikes. foolish mistakes :D

Player I am like- something like Camoranesi

perfect game- there aren't any officials game, so I can't really decide. I think sometime when I made a very good defence game.

worst game- own goal :D

best goal- ?____?


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Oct 28, 2002
Height: 168cm

Position: right back/ right wing

Jersey number: 3

Soccer boots: Adidas predator (2001)

I am good at: Crossing, Set pieces, Dribbling, sometimes long range shooting! :eek: i also have a good fighting spirit!

Not good at: Heading, Following coaches instructions! running back to defend in case of a counter attack!

Player I am like: tough question! but i would like to say i like to be like Javier Zanetti! (i hate inter but i love the player)

Perfect game: although i didn't have my best performance on that day! but i managed to score a goal that was very lucky to me! i was trying to cross the ball between two defenders and somehow it ended in the net!!! i didn't see how the ball went in the goal as i fell down right after i crossed! when i got up all my team mates came to congratulate me and i had no clue why!! :confused::confused::confused: (it was a semi final game for a tournament held two years ago between advertising agencies in the country)

Worst game: the final of that same tournament, which was one week after my lucky goal!!!!!! i gave a penalty and got sent off in the same incident!!! (the referee hated me! :cool:) but i have to admit i did do a very wreckless challenge! and YES we lost the trophy!

Did i ever score an own goal: YES, Plenty! if there was a trophy for top own goal scorer i would definitly be a contender! :p

The best goal I scored: i scored many weird goals!!! some are lucky goals and are much better than the one i am gonna tell u about! but i like this one coz i acctualy ment it! i lobbed the goal keeper from approximately half way through the pitch! i think the wind was helping me as it carried the ball perfectly behind the goal keeper and into the goal!!! :p


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Jul 17, 2002
Great Idea ebraheej :thumb:

Height: 179cm

Teams: group of Freinds (very tough team to beat :cool:) / The University team

Position: Central Defender/Left Back

Jersey number: 5/3

Soccer boots: Adidas Predator Mania TRX FG (Red, 2002) :cool:

I am good at: Man-Marking, Positioning (can read the game very well), making Accurate tackles, making threw Passes.

I am not so good at: Shooting from distance, and Crossing.

Player I am like: A mix between Maldini and Cannavaro.

Advantege: I play comfortably with both feet.

Perfect game: a game where i was assigned to Man-Mark the other team's best stricker. the game ended without him having a sniff of the ball :cool: a made a few runs, and scored a goal myself.

Worst game: i came on as a late sub in a friendly game for a team i've never played with before. i scored an own goal with my first touch of the ball!!!

Did i ever score an own goal: YES (see above :fero:)

The best goal I scored: a intercepted a pass from my own 18-yard box, i made a run down the left wing. i dribbled past 2 players, then cut inside their 18-yard box away from 2 other defneders, then i shot low next to the near post :cool:

another kewl goal i scored with my left foot. i was playing as attacker this game: i was at the left edge of the box with my back facing their goal. the ball came to me from the mid-field and i curled it with my left foot over the keeper and in the far post. (kinda like Henry's goal vs. ManU, except i didn't shoot it, i kinda curled it over)

Layce Erayce

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Aug 11, 2002
Height: 5'8/5'7 dont remember

Position: Sweeper, can play left back

Jersey number: 8

Soccer boots: Grey Adidas predator precision- the older one

I am good at: tackling, pressing, brawling, bossing players around

I am not so good at: Heading:embarassed:, crosses

Player I am like: montero-davids

Perfect game: came in half-time, scored goal in 3 mins- volley. we won 2-1 me playing out-and-out(im actually a defender)

Worst game: hmm...dunno....

Did i ever score an own goal: yes. 4

The best goal I scored: close ranger that hit the keeper, basically put him in shock, collected rebound, tapped it in

special moment: watching a team-mate dribble the ball up, get down on all fours and push the ball in with his head :cool: hebron was the place to be!

btw it was in indoor 5-a-side :D


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Jul 14, 2002
Name: Stuart Weekes

Age: 13

Height: 5'5

Team: A local youth club, school team, U-15 NT

Position: Orthodox CM, AM, right wing

Jersey Number: 10

Football Boots: Champagne Adidas Predator Manias

I am good at: Passing, dribbling, shooting, crossing

I am not so good at: tackling, heading

Player Comparison: Pavel Nedved, Manuel Rui Costa

Best Performance: 2001 U-13 Championship game. I had a goal disallowed early on and was a constant threat down the right flank. Eventually went on to score a golden goal winner (volley).

Worst Performance: 2003 School League match. Everytime I touched the ball something bad seemed to happen. It was a nightmare.

Have I ever scored an own goal: No

The Best Goal I ever scored: I collected the ball inside my own half and ran the length of the pitch, beating everyone for pace, and slotted the ball into the bottom left hand corner.

Special Moment: Scoring a golden goal winner to clinch my clubs 3rd consecutive championship.


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Jul 17, 2002
by looking at most of our shoes, you see that Adidas is making a mint$$$ out of supplying Del Piero with Adidas shoes!! ;)

but seriously, they are the greatest shoes i've ever worn :thumb: :cool:

Layce Erayce

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Aug 11, 2002
well they are really cool. especially the old ones with the teeth! :cool:

if anyone has a pair of the old astro-turfs in good shape id buy them anytime....

the new ones are cool, but not as cool as the mercurials, and not as classy as kings


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Jul 28, 2002
height : 5"10

age: .....

Position :cm/dm/rm/rb (playmaking dm mainly)

Jersey : Fav is 10...but usualy wear 7 or 5

Boots: adidas Der kaiser, Blue Pumas (pires but blue), white adida Preds 2003

Good at :tackling, vision, reading of game, freekicks, long shootin, passin,sprintin

Not so: technical volleys, shootin inside of the box, Left foot,

Best game: mens team, started wiv number ten, scored two from midfield, dictated play, made capt at half time, scored a freekick and two more assists :D, but still cudnt hit the target or do anything wiv my left foot.

Worst game..oh man, missed three clear cut chances, missed too many tackles, got sent off and injured at the same time.....we lost that game.

Own goals...yes, kind of, long range pass back to my keeper, little too high for him :dontcare:

Best goal: two equal...ones a freekick, about 30 yrds, nailed it top corner, i hit it sooooo sweetly, felt great, second was a tackle in the centre cirlcle, got passed one, played a one to wiv left winger, nutmeged the DM then nailed one in the bottom left from way outside the box..not as gud as my best pass.

Best pass: i was just on the half way line, near the by line on the rite side, outside of the foot cross field pass, rite into the path of my mate wearin numero 9 who was left 1 on 1 wiv da keepr.

Player im like: a mix between graeme Souness, Patrick vieira and roy keane wiv a touch of cristian vieri esk dribllin/runnin, but i shoot on my left like a plyer wiv only one leg .... his rite leg:groan: (btw no offence ment to anyone who has one leg)
Jul 12, 2002
Height: 201cm

Position: Goal Keeper (secondarily: Playmaker, Sweeper)

Jersey number: 00

Soccer boots: Reebok Baleni III

I am good at: Crosses, one on situations, PK's, distribution, ball handling, tackling, and shooting.

I am not so good at: running fast

Player I am like: Schmiechel and Kahn in goal, Ballack or Stam on the field

Perfect game: saved four staight PK's to win the league title

Worst game: tore five different ligaments in both knees, never played professionally again

Did i ever score an own goal: 17 times

The best goal I scored: playing keeper, dribbled the whole opposing team, rounded the keeper and walked the ball in.


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Jul 13, 2002
Height: 184

Position: defensive mid

Jersey number: 8 somtimes 4

Soccer boots: diadora

I am good at: tackling , using my body in challenges , long balls ,conncting between flanks , passing , heading in corners and free sohts.

I am not so good at: dribbling , pace , offside trap , crossing

Player I am like: vieira ( but i don't look like him :D ).

Perfect game: U-16 i used to play for al -Qadseya club and it was semi -final againest kazma club.

Worst game: when i was injured ( cruciate legement ) , i never went to play with the club after the operation( 10 years ago ) i made another opperation and i am still suffering from it ( i don't blame salas ).

Did i ever score an own goal: Once in officiall game ( our friends team in small ramadan tournment) and a lot with my friends :D

The best goal I scored: Free kick outside the area in the last 4 min .

Sent off : many times :D


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Jul 12, 2002
position: wingback(right/left), def cen, def mid.
boots: lotto
good at: pace(i run like r.carlos :D), dribbling, anticipation, tackling, adaptibility, long range shots(accurate and fierce).
not so good at: crossing, heading, passing.
player i am like: zambrotta
best game: once i played as striker and scored two goals in 10 minutes. one of them was with my head and the other was a long range goal.
worst game: once i played as a goalkeeper and let every ball pass and then never played as a goalkeeper.
best goal: the head goal passed between the legs of the goalkeeper. :D it was very funny.


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Jul 28, 2002
if we want to make a juve forum squad we will have to make a list of all the players so far..that would help:D....then we could vote on who would play were.

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