Summer Mercato Thread 2019-20 (131 Viewers)


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Apr 17, 2019
PSG did nothing with Neymar, you could say they have the best strikers in the world but they made no mark on the CL. Today, we look solid, balanced and dangerous. This is a great moment, cull the squad and get cracking. Let Neymar go to PL.


Mar 6, 2003
Perin and Khedira are for sure out. Higuain and Mandzu almost likely. I can see Cuadrado and Matuidi go too. Wont be surprised if one of Rugani or Demiral go as well. We will see, there will be sells for sure.
Sounds cool and all, but i have not seen a single thing that suggest me they are leaving.

They are happy training


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Sep 1, 2017
Redcafe’s opinion on De Ligt transfer

Just wtf is this picture? De Ligt looks like a digital person from FIFA 15.

Either way, congratulations you big moron. You've just said hello to any sort of glory in your career. Honestly, even a guy like me wouldn't want to play as a professional in Serie A. They can keep on buying as many players as they want. The minute they arrive they become irrelevant. America's been doing the same thing since the early 90's and their league is still as uninteresting and irrelevant as ever. They don't care about the sport and it won't make a difference how many random average "stars" you buy or how many semi retired dorks you manage to lure over with your BUCKS. fecking franchise is a laughing stock and erodes pretty much the only thing you shouldn't touch. Just watch 20 000 fans show up for a division 2 game with not a star player within a million miles. Do you think they'd show up if you'd change the team logo to a JJ and renamed them? Go kill yourself.

It's SHIT Shit And BULLSHIT!! You cannot BUY your way to an interesting league. No one cares about the league - not one fecking bit. It's all down to culture within a country - and I don't care how many fans are there either. Your league is SHIT and it STINKS SHIT. You can buy as many freaking pubs as you like - no one will want to go there. Just stay within your own business and let your money roll and stay the hell away from football you big morons. It could have been pretty much anything as long as there's something in it for you. The way you go about things only shows how little you understand.

And de Ligt- you're an absolute zero today. You had enough money but you wanted MORE. Absolutely gutted for your fans. They must be so disappointed seeing you hide away in Serie A. And don't believe for a second we're impressed by this move. You're only embarrassing.


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Jul 15, 2007
Imagine a tuzzer go on vacation with no internet connection, then come back and search for Juve mercato news:
- Juventus sold Spinazzola and bought L.Pellegrini:

-Juventus bought Demiral:

-Gigi Buffon came back to the club:
tenor (4).gif

-Juventus bought Rabiot for free:

- Announce Ramsey:
tenor (5).gif

-Juventus sign De Ligt:
tenor (3).gif

- Come to tuz for a fap fest, and see people discussing where to play Neymar:

- Feel fine with things Neymar does to his mother and sisters, but see people deem it pervert: