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Jan 18, 2009
Paratici is garbage. This is the second year in a row where we head into the season without proper depth. De Sciglio has proven he can’t be depended on to stay healthy, yet here we are with him as the only natural backup fullback. Won’t even get into patching up the biggest weakness instead of properly investing in a world class mid.
As compared to who? Beppe? or someone at another club?

Remember when we let Pirlo leave and Marchisio (who used to be his backup) became our full time regista with no back up for Marchisio? We put all our eggs in the marchisio basket and he was notorious for being injury prone. Our midfield bench was Sturururu and Lemina and shit like that. Remember when we forced out Del Piero to end up with Anelka and shit like that?

Apart from Mancity, I cant think of many squads that have top talent starting and on the bench in every single position. We are now loaded in attack, midfield and GK. Defense is a little thin but 3 of our 4 CBs are world class which hardly any other team has. Not the end of the world... hardly any team has great depth of high quality in every single position.

Ronaldo, De Ligt, Bonucci, Rabiot on free, Ramsey on free all very good steals for established players one of whom is arguably the GOAT and was an impossibility in everyone's mind. Even De Ligt seemed higher than our profile.

I also dont mind having Manzukic, Caudrado, Khedira, Higuain, on the bench. These are mostly top players who yes are aging but still can prove very very useful if used intelligently. I am personally glad we can bring such quality from the bench when we need to.
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Jan 11, 2017
We are in great constraint after last year spending. So getting Rabiot, De Ligt, Ramsey, Demirah is the best we can do. Losing Cancelo is not that important since Danilo even not too great at attacking is far better than Cancelo at defending. What I'm disappointed is how we handle the Dybala's transfer. Overall, it is 7.5 Mercato for me


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Jan 18, 2009
7.5-8/10 huh ??
So you guys believe that our lot was improved at least 25%? or that selling our best wingbacks and leaving no options there is not really a problem and Ramsey will overweight that??
You are satisfied th
at the best Juve could do for its midfield was those 2 free players?
You must be believing that we are CL now, who needs SMS or Pogbs right?
Well, i m not delusional, i believe mistakes were made that will make CL out of reach and IMO CR7 only has 2 years max at pushing for that and this mercato made us waste one of our two chances.
Hopefully Ramsey will be proved the stellar WC player you expect him to be and handle us the big ear cup...

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Well normally yes, but having two stop gap solutions is certainly better than one.
If Ramsey starts to play and our team is starting to roll with a CAM, when he will be inevitably be injured again, a player like Rakitic would worth his weight at gold.
Of course the better solution would be a Pogbs/SMS, but having half a player for three competitions is suicidal!
Selling Cancelo wasnt a good call but lets see if Danilo delivers.

We have strengthened the midfield. Sure Rabiot and Ramsey are not on on Pogba's level but they nevertheless are very good players who bring very unique and different characteristics to our midfield. Ramsey is a goal poacher, very good in 1-2s and runs into the box without the ball. We didnt have that last year.

A redundant transfer is to bring in someone with exactly the same characteristics of who you already have. That would have been a 1:1 kinda sub. But the midfielders we brought in bring a different aspect to our game because of their skills. They are another tool in Sarri's armoury that he can leverage when needed.

Pjanic, Rabiot, Matuidi, Can, Khedira, Ramsey, Bentancur.. thats not just a deep midfield but a great diverse set of skills/types of midfielders with various strengths and levels of experience. None of them will ever win the ballon do'r but collectively they give a coach lots of tactical options to use to win trophies.
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May 29, 2005
Have to disagree on both counts. Other than MDL (and perhaps Demiral), we made very baffling moves especially with our full backs.

And the midfield is once again patched up with freebies. We have yet to reload properly since the worlds best midfield was dismantled beginning in 2015 and its conclusion with the sale of Pogba in 2016. We continue to bandage the situation, not address it in a proper manner. And of that midfield, Pjanic is beyond useless. His soul was snatched in Cardiff and he has never returned to that 2017 form.
I see your concern but Danilo Cancelo was an even swap for me. Cancelo was a dud. People here hyped him last summer but what a disappointment.

Barzagli and Caceres were swapped for massive upgrades in Demiral and MDL. Romero will likely replace Chiellini next year. Only issue was Spinnazzola but if sandro is fine we won’t notice he is gone.

Our midfield is night and day better.

We will likely never see the MVP midfield ever be replaced. Our goal is to build off the season before otherwise we may as well pick the summer we sold zidane and did a rebuild as the model we doom our Mercato over to compare with.

We tried to sell Dybala probably looking to splash on a WC CM but he refused.

We used to her mad for selling players that asked now we are mad for selling and then refusing...


May 11, 2004
Not only we made a terrible transfer campaign, we stripped Higuain of #9 because of a hard on Paratici had and it didn't get to the result he wanted. Talk about a huge fail.

Let me not talk about the deadwood that he couldn't handle. Kudos to these players that refused his attempts, he has a lot of his own shit to clean now.


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Apr 25, 2013
Keep in mind that Can and Demiral can play at RB. Danilo was tried at LB in preseason and apparently did well there.

We've 7 CMs. One of them - Can, a backup/reserve - is versatile. He won't be used only in midfield. Didn't he play a whole tourno for Germany at RB (Confeds Cup)?

I think Rugani was going to be replaced by someone who can both CB and LB. But post-Chiellini injury, what we have is fine for now, don't see any issues. Any necessary adjustments can be made in Jan.


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Apr 17, 2019
I can't think of many players that went to other teams that I'd like to have here apart from Felix. Who else was available that we missed out on?
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