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May 11, 2004
because if juve would be in the same case i would like that the ref would understand the situation...and because real would be with 1 point ahead right now
Didn't I ask you not to bring other clubs into the equation? You keep on talking about Juve and Real all the time and I am talking about frigging barca.

You are really making me put a lot of energy in thing, energy I am not willing to waste on you. That's the last post for me here, enjoy the fact that barca are ahead of Real in the league because I simply don't care about it.

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Grazie Ale
Nov 9, 2006
i feel the same, explaining myself and all but i think the results are the same, i didn't changed a thing...i'll remain a barca fan in your eyes and i really don't care about your opinion, but some people that don't know me so well and they are new around here would buy the thing that i am like maher. i am not, so this will be the last post in this thread for me


May 11, 2004
Amid all the announcements, I want to say that this is not necessarily my last post in this thread. I could change my mind, you never know.
It wasn't my last post in this thread either, I meant it as the last post in the ongoing discussion. Do you think I would stop dissing barca and their fans?


Oct 28, 2010
Disagree, Spanish football is awful. It's slow moving and they are all a bunch of whining pussies.

The Premiership is pretty entertaining at times. It's the announcers that ruin it. Earlier today after the Gunners game, some fag said Arsenal playing the style they do is what makes the Premiership the best league in the world.

If it's the greatest there's no need to say it for no reason bitch.


"Top Economist"
Mar 16, 2004
It's all down to personal preference. Although this year, I do admit Liga has been rather poor. Hopefully the likes of Valencia will improve next season.

I simply see no point in watching Chelsea or Manure, or the bottom half of Prem.


Juventuz addict
Dec 16, 2002
what do you expect from a forum moderated by lebanese , all of them are mother fuckers and their sisters are gahbat , we all know that about lebanese.
so for the guy named blondu i advise you to leave this forum since all of the members here are assholes and barca haters.

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