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Feb 21, 2015
Inter boss Antonio Conte insists his post-Borussia Dortmund rant was “simply a constructive address. I have faith in my players.”

Conte appeared to turn on his board after Inter’s 3-2 defeat to Dortmund in the Champions League midweek, accusing them of planning for the season poorly.

However, he clarified at his Verona Press conference: “It wasn’t a post-match rant but simply a constructive address :baus:

“Some mistakes were made, but I didn’t want to single anyone out. I don’t know if the board understood it, but I’m here to change what’s happened to this club over the last nine years.

“We do everything to improve ourselves, we can do better because we’re Inter. Behind closed doors, directors are the first to recognise that something could’ve been done better at the start of the season.

“We need to be aware of certain situations, but I have faith in my players. They’re doing extraordinary things and are in a great deal of difficulty.

“They’re giving their souls (Just like i did) and in the future, they might achieve big things and raise the bar even further.

I’m sorry if someone feels I’m wrong when I speak at times, but there’s always a strategy behind it.”:touched:

Turning his attentions to tomorrow’s visit of Verona, the former Juventus coach highlighted the threat posed by the away side.

“We need to be focused, they press and run a lot. Therefore, we need to be prepared.

“It won’t be an easy game, we need to put the disappointment at Dortmund behind us, making sure it won’t leave a trail.

“It’s all part of our maturity process, we need to turn things around quickly. We do better when we’re high up the pitch.

“We have scored over 30 goals but also conceded more than we expected. It is necessary to work on that.

“The goalkeeper must be crucial in the possession phase but also at the back. The faults, however, are because of a single department.”

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