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Sep 4, 2006
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has ADL commented on this fiasco yet?

just saw that napoli fans booed their players at an open training session with some chanting “If you don’t win, we’ll destroy you.”

seems like their season is going well.


Beppe Marotta Is My God
May 26, 2009
Another week with only one Italian victory over 7 games ... we are told every week that Juve win in Italy thanks to the referees and we see the difference in Europe.
It’s currently a trash league and for the first time in a while I think the shitness of our opponents is going to hurt us when it comes to crunch games in Europe.


Beppe Marotta Is My God
May 26, 2009
Napoli players and their mutiny, Allan and ADL’s son nearly coming to blows at the end of the CL game, Ancelotti and his barbed comments in the media, Napoli issuing a statement threatening they would take legal action against their players, ultras threatening their team..ahhh music to my ears.

Napoli need to return to being the mid-table, relegation threatened club they have been for most of their putrid existence.
Feb 21, 2015
I expected much worse from the article.

A typical FI headline, really.
Even worse? It's pretty bad.

Only in Italy.

- - - Updated - - -

"The personal declarations of one of the leaders of the Verona Curva cannot justify the witch-hunt sparked by the media and institutions in yet another attempt to criminalise and destroy the entire Ultras world."

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