Keep or sell Dybala?

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Dec 6, 2015
Srs question, is that broscience?
Nah no misinfo.. Next time when destroying the coochie and about to bust, have a cup full of ice water and just dip in there for 5-10 secs, it will reset the ball sack and buy extra time.
Edit: just realized the question lol yeah about the injuries I found to be true. At least when it comes to weight lifting, I feel it decreases stamina and does weaken legs, I assume it's no different in Pro sports of any kind.

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Yea I know, but still I respected it. He looked in good shape and I was hoping for a explosive start, he aswel obviously. Hopefully we can close this chapter full with injuries.
Seems to me it's more exhaustion..Miami weather/humidity alone is no joke for someone who is not used to it. That shit alone will tire you out.
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