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Mar 23, 2015
The English don't even try to pronounce a name correctly or to be at least close to correct pronunciation.
In Croatia, the commentators always tend to make an accurate pronunciation, and most of the time it even sounds funny when a Slavic commentator pronounces a German name correctly. But it's still better than the English not trying at all.

In this case, the commentator keeps saying Pyaka, while the correct pronunciation is Piazza (Pyazza)
same for hungarians. before the '90 world cup, two young guys even contacted the brazilian colleagues on location to learn the correct pronunciation of the brazilian players' names. imagine the public rage on "rumariu" and "bebetu" instead of "romárió" and "bebétó" :rofl: older viewers legit asked for sacking those two guys.

btw pjaca easy for us as we have similar vowels than you guys do. norwegian, danish or french names though...

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Apr 2, 2007
He commentates on Serie A and does pronounce it correctly now. TBH I didn't know how to pronounce the 'c' when I first read it, but I knew it wasn't like a hard 'k'. I don't think many English people know about Slavic names that don't end in 'ić ' or 'ski'.
You, or the English people in general, are not expected to know. But a professional commentator should inform himself and know.
Of course, many times it's impossible to make a correct pronunciation. But in this case I don't think it's what happened. If the commentator can say Pizza, he can say Piazza too. It's just that he didn't give a damn back then to inform himself, even though it was a CL knockout match and a Juve player.

And nothing against this guy, but I noticed it with other English commentators too and I found it strange that a professional commentator would make such a mistake.


Jul 27, 2015
The Croatian Ronaldo @Alin
Tonight was perhaps the closest we will ever be to seeing Ibrahimovic and CR7 playing together in the same team.

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Anyway, my point when i mentioned that example was specifically because you'll never see me promoting Pjaca by saying he was called the young CR7 by primavera coaches though as that's not how i judge a player. just putting it into context :D :tup:

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