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May 11, 2005
Delighted for him. Hopefully he can keep fit and play consistently.

Given our lack of options I'd have liked him to be in our squad this weekend. Common sense would have been to hold onto him until we brought in a striker or Dybala returned.


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Dec 31, 2002
I haven't seen any info about the loan (fee, option etc). Maybe it's just a dry loan. :boh:
Well there are two options:
1. Dry Loan - We get a player back after impressing and his value and attention rises so we can sell him properly
2. Dry Loan - We get a player back after disappointing and his value practically stays at 0 BUT at least we got a year off his contract..
3. Loan + Option - Its like a promotion to the specific club which makes it more likely to happen compared to a dry loan. So of course it splits:
He impressed he is gone
4. Loan + Option - He failed to impress - same as option no`2


Mar 6, 2003
i have always liked his frame and his skillset. Lets cross fingers for him this season to regain his full fitness and return to kuve firing on all cylinders.

He could have been a great berna abd costa variant, but it seems thw club dont want to risk a spot without confirming his physical capacity on a season
, which is understandable.

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