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May 29, 2005
Karapetyan: 'Why did Bonucci simulate?'
By Football Italia staff

Armenian striker Aleksandr Karapetyan is still furious with Leonardo Bonucci for getting him sent off. “Did he do it because he was scared to lose?”
The pair went for the ball during the first half of the Euro 2020 qualifier, which ended 3-1 for Italy and was 1-1 at the time, with Karapetyan given a second yellow card for leading with his elbow.
However, replays showed he barely touched Bonucci in the face and it was an extremely harsh decision.
“It’s incredible that one of the best defenders in the world did that,” Karapetyan complained on Radio Punto Nuovo.
“I played an aggressive game and I fully admit the first yellow card was deserved, but watching it back, I saw that I didn’t even graze Bonucci.
“I have a message for him. I’d like to ask: ‘Why did you do that?’ I want to understand why he simulated injury against Armenia. Was he scared to lose against us? Did he consider us such a dangerous opponent that he could do such a thing just in order to win?
“After scoring the goal, I had asked Bonucci for his jersey. Perhaps he thought I was provoking him, but I really did want his shirt at the final whistle.”
Karapetyan tagged Bonucci on Instagram to complain about the incident.
“He never apologised to me. Many Juventus fans, though, did contact me on Instagram to say sorry.”

Did Bonucci kill this guys dog? LOL


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Dec 6, 2015
Italy was shit and not too confident. Scoring @ 77 and 80 and an own goal at that? Against 10 players for a full half? Never seen a Juve CB stink so much of estrogen. Doesn't deserve to stand next to a guy like Georgio, that fukn punk
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Jan 31, 2003
Still trying to figure out why we got him back after benetia had what I thought was a very good season.

Should not be captain but in saying that besides the obvious ronaldo who else is there that starts that would be acceptable?

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