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Nov 1, 2006
Instand backup for Robbery?

So we will loan him to Bayern, getting back hopefully a player with much more playing time then we could give him and get payed 7million for it too?

This is so not like Marotta :D


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Jan 26, 2009
Nothing to worry about guys. We got that sloth called Hernanes. We have stooped so low, scraping the bottom of the barrel by acquiring Inter's garbage. No, not every case is a Pirlo or Cannavaro FFS!

We have a saying in Arabic "zebalit el zabala" or the "garbage of all garbage."


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Apr 21, 2012
vidal told the exact same thing. it must be some germans trolling italians. i imagine the bayern leadership laughing their asses off.
I agree with you. It's fucking Bayern behind all these. He actually said Bayern, it's their website people who added "FC" Bayern (Fucking Club Gayern).
That's a clue for you that they twisted his words.

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