Apr 14, 2005
Can't keep putting band aids on bullet wounds, man. That club needs an entire culture change. And if they brought him in to see to that, then they will have to take at least a step back to move forward. Even if it means missing out on the CL this year. They have enough resources to make sure it doesn't hurt them if that happens.
Sorry but that makes no sense


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Feb 20, 2016
From FIF, they are panicking about that

Today there is confusion on the market to come.
Sources close to the CEO describe him as nervous, finding himself alone to manage the Icardi mess.
Many of his proposals, for the change of the corporate structure, were rejected by the property.
All the market names that can be obtained are not of the CEO. That in his head has a precise plan.
The sale of Icardi and Perisic, the reconfirmation of Keita and Politano, with Jovic first goal, plus a second striker like Dybala.
Also the arrival of Pecini, with whom Marotta had found an agreement for the post Ausilio, was blocked by the property, which would be distant and which sees Steven show little personality in the management of the club.
High voltage, Marotta is not satisfied.


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Mar 7, 2013
He has to be professional, Juve kicked him out the door and Inter are now paying his salary

It's really strange seeing him celebrate Inter goals and wins but the feud with Nedved maybe paints a picture that it ended quite badly between both club and Marotta here

I think he took Juve as far as he could because we are no longer a club who can't spend big anymore and he showed his brilliance when we were handicapped financially

I hope he isn't so successful at Inter as he was at Juve anyway but I wish him well and appreciate the work he did with us
May 17, 2019
Marotta's first summer for Juve he purchased Bonucci 15m, Krasic 15m, Jorge Martinez 12m, Storari 4.5m and loaned a trillion guys with option to buy - Quags, Pepe, Marco Motta, Rinaudo, Traore, Aquilani and Sorensen.

Looking back on that list of names, Bonucci turned out better than what we paid for, Quags and Pepe were good investments as well, who could've been brilliant if not for injuries. But the rest were bad bad bad, Aquilani was a flop, Traore was a flop, Rinaudo I hardly even remember, Sorensen didn't work out, Krasic did great and then fell off a cliff, Martinez was a gigantic flop and Motta was definitely a flop.

Hopefully Beppe does worse in his first summer at Inter :p
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