Sep 4, 2006

lol If Marotta creates "il grande Inter", I will post a naked picture of myself.
Oh what a shame it would be when they permaban you.


Mar 6, 2003
It feels so good to be able to enter this thread and insult this faggy turd nugget without suffering any repercussions :p

In fact, given that he's currently employed by the absolute scum of the footballing world, insulting him should be encouraged :D
I had a blast with the Bonucci thread when he was kicked out.

But now he is back and i cannot unleash it :(


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Jul 30, 2015
It's going to hurt them for sure, but it doesn't change much. Inter is dormant for how long now? At least since 2010.
They have a lot of mess to clean up like we did when Beppe came here.
Granted we got Conte, who did miracles here, but our starting position was worse imo.

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Sep 16, 2003
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He would really show them if that makes them miss out on CL

Can't keep putting band aids on bullet wounds, man. That club needs an entire culture change. And if they brought him in to see to that, then they will have to take at least a step back to move forward. Even if it means missing out on the CL this year. They have enough resources to make sure it doesn't hurt them if that happens.

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