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Jul 30, 2006
Ventiquattro anni fa, Scirea: un fuoriclasse sempre nel cuore di tutti

03 settembre alle 07:22

(x.j.) Passa, il tempo, ma non sbiadisce il ricordo di Gaetano Scirea, scomparso il 3 settembre 1989 a Babsk, Polonia, in un tragico incidente stradale. Aveva 36 anni.

E' stato" il più grande libero di tutti i tempi", ha detto una volta Enzo Bearzot. E' stato un autentico fuoriclasse: per il modo in cui giocava e per il suo modo di essere un'icona dello sport, in campo e fuori dal campo, per i valori assoluti che ha incarnato.

La Juve, della quale Scirea per molto tempo è stato il primatista assoluto di presenze (562), prima che Alessandro Del Piero stabilisse il nuovo record, per ricordare il Grande Capitano ha pubblicato sul proprio sito un video bellissimo. S'intitola: Gaetano Scirea, l'uomo e il campione, un esempio per tutti.

Non c'è bisogno di aggiungere altro. Se non dire, a Mariella e a Riccardo, che Gaetano vive sempre nel cuore di tutti.

Today is the 24th anniversary of the death of Gaetano Scirea. He died in a traffic accident in Poland at 36 years old.
Bearzot called Scirea "the best sweeper of all time". Scirea for a long time was the leader in appearances for Juventus, before Del Piero surpassed this amount, and in honour of Scirea he uploaded a video on his website titled: Gaetano Scirea, the man and the champion, an example for all


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Mar 13, 2011
True legend of the game and a true ambassador for our club.

As I said last year I've barely seen any of his play but based on comments other people-including other football legends - have made he really belongs in discussions of the best players of all time.


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Jan 2, 2017
My name is Adrea (Andrzej) Zdebski and wish to share my story with all of you.

"In summer 1989 Scirea visited Poland as an observer to watch Górnik Zabrze, against which Juventus was to play in the UEFA Cup. On 3 September 1989 a car carrying him collided head-on with a truck near Babsk. The car carried four canisters of gasoline in the trunk (a common practice in Poland at that time due to frequent gas shortages), which exploded upon impact, killing Scirea and two of three other passengers. "

I am this fourth - survived passenger and hope to share a bit of my memories. I will upload a couple of never seen photos.

My memories of that day .. [/ b]

On 2nd September 1989, I participated in the match Gornik Zabrze (I was there, among others, activist) against Widzew Lodz with Gaetano Scirea, because Gornik Zabrze had to play a cup match against Juventus and they wanted to look at the players (team) level and skills. The next day, I accompany him to the airport Okecie, and this is the reason why apart from us in the car was the translator of the Italian language and driver.

In the village Babsk in the direction of Warsaw there was a head-on collision with a car brand Zuk and as a result there was an explosion of fuel that got in the trunk.
(Remember in 1989 we still had communism so petrol and petrol station wasn't easy to get or find so it was very very common to have or carry an additional petrol in canisters in a car)

As mentioned already, I was the only one not have seat belts fasten and I survived only because of that .. . because I was thrown through the front window and as a result was injured mainly on the face, head and hands. I had many injuries, broken legs, hands, completely twiested knee but the biggest problem was the treatment of the psyche (this incident is a biggest trauma in my life, up to now I can see it all in front of me, this car, people burning in it ..) I was treated for a long time, but I did it later on my own hand, I had to sell a large apartment, to cover the costs of numerous operations, rehabilitation and trips to hospitals abroad.

Scirea's wife, Club and Juventus together with the president Bonipertim invited me to Turin, I visited a family grave state Scirea in Morsasco. It was then that I got as a gift from Mrs. Scirea and her son Riccardo gold medallion engraved. This medallion Gaetano Scirea got retire from football players of the club juwe M. Platini and Tafuni, which shows evidence of the photographs.

My (maybe last) desire to see the grave of Gaetano and the club Juventus, only that much and so much at the same time ..

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and some other photos ...

Pennant received from Dino Zoff

Me on the left, the middle son of Scirea - Ricardo and his wife and family

me today

parts of italian papers I got from Scirea's wife

as above

as above

as above

as above



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Aug 26, 2009
Great read and obviously a really sad story. Thank you for sharing this here with the international community of Juventus fans.

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