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  • Nice, what again did you do? And that sound like a good job,
    not sure about if I will keep being challanged for a long period.
    Nice and you work in the capitol right? so no long days in the train anymore then.
    Yes i am quite happy with it. Always nice to have a new experience etc. Not sure if i will do this for very long. You still happy with it?
    Hello Enzo,

    nah tuz isn't really high on my website to check anymore. I don't like those no life like badass, nzoric, zach etc. They are constant talking bs around here. But indeed it has been a while. I have a new job since the summer. you? still making long train trips. do you have facebook?
    excited for juve game vs milan?
    and great game on tuesday :tup:
    Jenna, FFS, we are Juventus! We must not fail to qualify for the knockout phase! :scarf:
    i don't know important to play cl next year again
    I am not sure we will beat any ot the three teams easily but we will see in a few weeks
    I hope so to for you and the local team

    I rather beat merda and draw nsj then otherwise. I really hate inter and want to win serie a. I don't think we are good enough yet to win CL
    Yes I remember how nice trains were in austria, sometimes their is a problem and that can happen with car too :)
    Sorry they are down :( I can imagine how that feels :( can they go down?

    Yes saturday vs the merda is going to be huge
    looking forward to that game :) I think and hope we will smash them and then cl again :scared:
    what do you think?
    travelling with train can be annoying :( good luck I know how you feel :rab: that is nicely done :)
    I am fine. How is your local team? excited about juve lately?
    looks amazing, i will see if i can go their with car or whatever, but it looks worth to see it
    I hope they win for you :tup:
    yes venezia is beautiful but very crowed still I think it is a place you must have seen in your life
    I want to go to so many place in italy, that is why I want to go with the car. :D
    what is your favourite town in italy
    yes for sure italy is beautiful
    I went to torino and venezia
    venezia with train, which was very relax. But I want to do it with car too one time :tup:
    ok does your local club play today?
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