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  • Yeah, I work in Vienna right now. The job is awesome. Great colleagues and still enough space to bring in your ideas.
    Yeah, 'tuz can be annoying ;) Yeah, still going by train almost every day, but we are about to move to the capital now. So these days might soon be over. I guess you are happy with your new job? No, sorry, I tend to avoid social networks.
    I took master's in financial economics.
    haha ja ik ben half indo-NL.
    I dont know as to my long-term plans. Its pretty good in here because I can go to Indo its really close. But I will visit NL once in a while for sure.
    Im in investment banking, not exactly trading but pretty close to equity and capital market. Its nice to know you're also in finance Janna. Hows the situation there, I follow in newspapers that things arent going any better in Europe?
    Hi Janna, I studied in UvT for my master's, and thats why I lived there. Right now I assigned to Singapore since financial business is currently slow in Europe. And being here I also close to some of my family in Indonesie. Im a mixed Indo btw.

    Well thats good for you :D Too bad we didn't meet up when I still in Holland, I see you living in Haarlem, pretty close to my place in Ams.
    Hey Bezzy! Can you check my bookie thread to see if everything looks ok?
    Cool :tup:

    I definitely know what 'busy' feels like...

    I'm a full-time student and I have to study aloooot this semester (very demanding subjects within Law; criminal Law to name one), and I'm working (part time job). I'm also trying to create and record an EP, which is gonna happen in the summer. So I barely have any spare time at all now :\
    Ohai! :D

    Yep, I'm from Oslo. Yeah, well, there's Juventus Club Norge (Club Norway), who has a decent amount of members, and quite many of us like to gather at pubs sometimes to watch games. But we're not many compared to fans of Premier League-sides etc.

    What's up in your life nowadays, Bez?
    Hey Bezzy. Could you set up the Sunday event for Europe? I will set up the Juve game and an NFL event and probably won't have time to deal with the one for Europe too.
    hey, sorry for replying so late, but I had to finish my studies :) I saw the game, we shouldn't have lost due the illegal penalty. Nevertheless, if we want to defend the title we need to get better.
    How are you?
    Jenna, FFS, we are Juventus! We must not fail to qualify for the knockout phase! :scarf:
    Were are good enough for a draw against Chelsea in London. Everything else is superstition. I'm not talking of winning CL, I'm talking of qualifying for the knockout phase and then take one step after another. If we are not good enough to beat Nordsjaelland or Donezk, then buena notte -_-
    They are 3 points behind the 9th place. However, they drew the last game and earned the first point in a long time. We will see, if things changed on next friday.
    I will definitely watch the game on Saturday. It will be a tough match, but I expect us to win. We will beat Nordsjaelland without any problems for sure. I hope they have lowered the ticket prices.
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