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  • Thanks :rab: Well, going by train in Austria usually is fast and without further complications. I guess, you have to accept a problem from time to time. I definitely prefer it over going by car. My local team is struggling, stuck on the last place, but they are not lost (yet). I can't await the weekend and the next CL game.. let's bring it on! :juvefan2: What about you? Will we win the upcoming games?
    At the moment I'm pretty bored. Stuck on a train, that needs to wait because of a malfunction in a station ahead. At least I got decent wi-fi reception :) How ya doing?
    Hmm... hard to say. La cinque terre is a beautiful place. You can't go there by car though.
    Lost again, got crushed 4-0.
    Insert beer please...
    Yepp, they play today. If they win they can climb from the last (10th) to the 9th or 8th spot. I can't watch it though, because they will play earlier. Yes, Venezia is great. But it's quite overrun by tourists. I have been to Siena too, a beautiful town.
    Working until 8pm, then off to home and watch football. Verona is beautiful, almost too beautiful. I have been to many cities in Italy including Milano, Genoa and of course Torino. Never made it to a game though -_- Italy is great, you can go there very comfy by train too.
    sure, i can do juve game and saturday & maybe one of milan/real games if you don't have time for it
    Hey, how ya doin? Already in weekend mode? :)
    Yes, Vienna is actually a great city. Not too big, not too small. Very vivid scenes and subcultures. I have been to Verona in July, but plan to go to Torino next year. Maybe spend some more time there. Depends all on how things at work turn out.
    Yeah, gonna watch the game. I'm fine and I'm supernervous. I need to find a channel again to watch the game, since *all* three channels showing games today will broadcast Barca. It's hilarious :sergio:
    I have been a (full) Juventus supporter since 1993. We have been on vacation a lot in Italy and one day the club simply didn't let me go anymore. Sometimes the club chooses you, not the other way around :) Nevertheless, I'm a big fan on this local club too. It has an exciting history and I feel connected to it, because it's from the city where I was born and grew up.
    I love and hate match days. So much to do, so struggling to concentrate -_-
    Hi Janna. Not sleeping at this hour? You must have enjoyed the Juve - Roma game too much. Cheers for the victory!
    Ok, you do that, I'll make thread for today and trebles for saturday and sunday.
    I work whenever there is work to do. But I tend to ignore it on weekends :) The weather is fine again, it's getting cold though. It will feel like winter at the stadium, since the game starts at 20.30. I'm supporting Blau Weiss Linz, they currently are on the ninth of ten spots in the second highest division of Austria. Today they play against the team on the last place. It's a typically six points game.
    How do you do? Any plans for the weekend? Are you going to watch the Roma game? I can't await it. I can't stand the Zeman bashing though, he's just a grumpy old man :p
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